Frog… The Best Dog In The World.

He was my very best friend and I could never love anyone or anything more than I do him. On March 20, when my husband came home, Frog jumped on the couch to say hello as he always would. All of a sudden he became very agitated and clingy towards me. I knew something was very wrong. We quickly took him to emergency where he was found to be in shock. Cancer had found it’s way in the form of a tumor on his adrenal gland. I simply could not believe it. I still cannot believe it. For two nights and three days I drove him from hospital to hospital spending whatever money it took to try and save his life, but I could not do it in the end. The last ultrasound told us it was time. I took him home and laid with him on his blanket and petted him and told him I loved him. Finally, I asked him, “have you had enough, buddy?” He put it head on my face and sighed. I told him okay and went to make arrangments. To this day, I cannot believe I did that. When I came home, he was at the back door wanting to outside. We went out to the deck where we had coffee the morning he showed signs of sickness. He walked out into the yard and he sniffed the air. I said, “let’s go buddy”. We walked to the car and went to see his dear friends at Auburn Animal Hospital. They made him comfortable and I laid on the floor with him and told him what a good boy he is and how much I love him. I told him to get some rest. I hugged him til they said he was gone. They didn’t have to tell me. My Frog told my heart that he was at the Bridge. I miss every single day that I can no longer give him his cheese, and the Saturday afternoon car rides to McDonalds to get his chicken nuggets, which we did one last time on his last day as well. I miss taking him for walks. I miss sleeping with him and sleeping in on Saturdays with him. I miss talking to him. I miss touching him. I pray for every single one of you who have lost their loved one. I feel your pain every second of every day. I thank you for letting me share my story.

Frog, my boy of 12 years: I’m here. I always told you I would never leave you. I never will. I will love you and remember you forever. I will see again, pupa. I love you, love you, love you more than anything in the world. Don’t miss me, be happy, sweetheart. I will see you again soon.

Mommy and Daddy Buck

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