• Date of Birth: 10/25/2009
  • Date of Passing: 10/10/2020

Freida was supposed to be a Foster, but that quickly changed. I knew before we reached my driveway this would be a Foster Fail. Buddy was not thrilled when I brought her home. He looked at me like I had stabbed him in the heart, but eventually, Buddy and Freida became inseparable.
Freida and I met each other at a difficult time for both of us. She was skeptical of humans at the time and so was I. She bolted every time someone opened the front door and it would take me hours to track her down. Over time, she stopped running long distances and just ran when she knew I would chase her. She enjoyed that game immensely and played it often. She even knew how to dodge me when I got close to her. Those who watched found it quite amusing and so did Freida.
Freida taught me so much about resilience, rebuilding trust, and unconditional love. She was a Mama Bear to Buddy and had the softest fur of any dog I’ve ever petted. She took up more than half the bed and twitched all night long in her dreams, but in the morning, I would wake to her breath on me, indicating that breakfast was late….again.
Her three favorite things in the world were riding in the car (we cruised daily), eating grass, and Yappy Wine Hour with the neighbors. She knew exactly when it was 5:00 pm. She made it a point to lay anywhere in the house where I had to step over her, but most of all she loved Buddy and me. And we love her.
Freida passed away peacefully at home, in her favorite dog bed, with her head on my lap. I love you, Freida. Thank you for every moment of every day that we shared on this earth. Take my love with you. I know for sure that you left your love here for me to cherish. Run free Freida, my love! We will see you on the other side. Peace, Mom & Buddy

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