Flynn Gonzales

Flynn is a special part of our family and always will be the late nights jumping into our bed, the loud growls when he decided to fight with his brothers and sisters, he is the king of his castle as his brothers jacks and Einstein and sister Karma will agree 3 100lbs German Shepherds but his best friend of all running threw the house and playing cat and mouse CHESTER his big brother, he’s in heaven looking down on us thanking his beloved owner Tanya for taking care of him and reliving his pain, he leaves behind his big sister and favorite snuggle buddy Taylor, he was always so excited to see her coming home school as they would never leave each other’s sides, and Tanner, Chester, and Jax, Karma and Einstein and I can’t forget my dad that would always yell at me but in a good way, Flynn was loved and a very brave strong minded friend and love one, GodBless and you will never be forgotten! Your the BEST.

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