Faith was my baby and my best friend. She was with us for nine, almost ten years until she suddenly fell ill and passed away in her favorite spot, next to me in bed while we snuggled. She was always by my side and now not having that breaks my heart.
You got me through the divorce of my parents, through the bullying in school, through the stress of college, and through the death of family. I miss you standing in inconvenient locations in the house. I miss sharing my apples and whipped cream with you. I miss your snorts and dances when I scratch your bum. The neighborhood misses you too.
I wrapped you in my comforter to keep you warm, but now I’m cold at night without you. I miss you girly. We love you Pumpkin Pie. I’ll never forget you. I hope to see you again.

  • November 27, 2018
    My heart breaks for you. Faith will forever be missed.
  • November 28, 2018
    I’m so very saddened for your loss ❤️ May you find some comfort knowing that you provided a safe and loving home for this angel and she will always be in your heart.
  • November 29, 2018
    Oh honey I truly know your pain. Faith is runny around heaven with no worries in the world. She will always be with you in your heart!
  • November 29, 2018
    You gave her such a wonderful and loving life Elizabeth! I know you’ll miss your sweet furry friend, but let your heart heal by cherishing those memories she left behind for you.❤️ I love you my sweet, tender hearted niece💕 Auntie Laura
  • December 3, 2018
    My heart aches for you! Next week will be the one year anniversary of when I lost one of my fur babies unexpectedly. It's never easy losing a fur baby but atleast we were the best part of their whole life and made them feel so loved and amazing! ❤❤

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