My boy of 18 years. You have always been there, bringing laughter in just the right moment and comfort when I needed it the most. You stayed by my side, slept with me at night, greeted me when I came home, encouraged me to go out. You filled the house where now there’s only silence. I still see you everywhere I look. I still hear you racing upstairs. I still feel you asleep in my lap.
Through you I came to understand the love God has for His children. You taught me what it means to have a self-sacrificing, all-in until it hurts, kind of love. You made me a better human. I like who I am when I’m caring for a pet. And I have you to thank for that.
In the end your body failed you but your spirit never did. Thank you my baby boy for giving me 18 years. Thank you for fighting so we had these last 3 weeks together. Thank you for giving me hope. For healing a jaded heart. Thank you for your faithfulness. For your love. I’ll see you again one day. In the meantime, have fun. Be free in a new, healthy body. Explore. Climb. Chase…just don’t catch. And know my life is better because you were in it. I will never stop loving you Tiny One.

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