Dozer Ress, 2006 – 2017. Dozer was our sweet and gentle boy. He was a good boy – the best boy. To know Dozer, was to love Dozer, and to love Dozer, was to be loved even more deeply in return. He was our adoring companion. He was our constant shadow, a worrywart and a protector. He watched over us and fretted over us. If Mom was upstairs and Dad was downstairs, he’d split the difference and lay on the landing at the top of the stairs to keep an eye on us both. Swimming in pools or swinging on swing sets was barely tolerated; Dozer decided long ago those activities were simply too dangerous for us. But as a pit bull/lab mix, he loved to swim – so he did – while we were relegated to watching from the pool deck. He loved his long nightly walks around the neighborhood with his sister, Fern. He loved his stuffed shark. He loved our yearly hiking trips. He loved sharing our blueberries. Most of all, he just loved to go, go, go. We’ll forever miss his sweet face, gentle spirit and earnest eyes. We’ll miss loving and being loved by him. He was our very best friend.

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