• Date of Birth: 01/28/2004
  • Date of Passing: 01/12/2021

Dora was as faithful as any other companion that we could have ever asked for. Without Dora, I would not have met my husband and have my 2 boys. When I rescued Dora in March of 2004, I had to fight to adopt her. My daughter was only 2 and the rescue didn’t like to adopt out with younger children. I made it quite clear at the time, she was growing up with a Rottweiler and a 210lb Bull English Mastiff. After a long debate we picked her up in Wyandotte(I think)and brought her home. We gave each other the best 17 years anyone could ever ask for.

We are heartbroken to have let her go but it wasn’t fair to keep her around for us when she wanted to go and be pain free. Decisions are hard but this was by far the hardest one I’ve ever had to make…even harder than ending my first marriage. I knew after the vet appt on Monday that I had to make that call again that I made in December when I thought that it was time. Dora still had some woof left in her and we had a wonderful Christmas with her. She will leave a hole in our hearts but her memory will live on in all of us whom she touched dearly. We will see her one day and I hope she’s waiting by the gates for us.

It’s been 17 wonderful and eventful years. You’ve wiped our tears with your soft ears, kissed us with your chow chow tongue and loved us unconditionally. It was time for us to say goodbye. You left us to cross that beautiful rainbow bridge to be running and playing pain free. Forever there will be a void but the love we had for each other, will last our lifetimes.
No longer can we hold your paw,
No longer can we rub your snout,
No longer can we stroke your fur,
No longer can squeeze you tight,
But forever in our hearts you stay until we met again
Please wait for us at the gates so we can squeeze you tight once again.
RIP sweet girl 🙁
We love you more than words could ever explain <3

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