Cosmo Ivone April 2004-February2, 2019
Cosmo crossed the Rainbow Bridge today surrounded by his loving family. He lived in Chesterfield, MI after being rescued in Ohio outside the gas chamber with truckloads of other dogs by Almost Home Rescue. Cosmo was well-known for being very loving to everyone he met; no one was ever a stranger.
Cosmo’s favorite thing to do was to be loved and love. If you came near him at all, you had better be willing to sit and pet him endlessly. He loved to sit in the yard under his favorite bush or on the back step just chilling and watching over his yard. Watch out if he saw a rabbit. The boy was fast, and would delight in catching them and then bringing them to the back door to his horrified family, but he would be so proud! He also delighted in aggravating his partner in crime, Sassy. Once Sassy left him, he was never the same.
Over the last two years, his health rapidly deteriorated. He never sat on the step or under his favorite bush. He even had a hard time getting up that step to come into the house. Sometimes his legs would completely give out and he couldn’t move at all. He lost his interest in people petting him, and in being around people in general. He was tired. You could see it in his cloudy eyes whenever he looked at you. He had no quality of life anymore.
He is with his beloved Sassy again where they can play and he can aggravate her and bite her ankles. They can run free together always remembering how much they were loved and how much love they gave. Goodbye my beautiful, loving boy. I hope you know how much love you brought us, I think you do.

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