Coco Sanders

  • Date of Birth: 09/30/2000
  • Date of Passing: 09/02/2021

Coco was one of the best dogs you would ever ask for we found coco when she was 6 months old wandering around the street my grandma was driving and she stopped when she saw her and yelled coco and fed her cookies she didn’t know her name she called her coco because her fur looked like hot chocolate. A few years after my grandma had her she gave coco to us and we’ve had her ever since when my sister Larissa was 2 she had her first seizure and coco saved her life she barked in a way she had never barked before and as soon as our parents heard they ran downstairs and Larissa was blue they call 911 and coco stayed next to her the whole time . Coco was not trained for seizures she just knew something was wrong. Coco knew a lot of tricks , gave us hugs , and said I love you coco was a good dog we already miss her so much we love you coco. She loved swinging in mid air from her rope and loved her rides in the truck with dad.

  • September 3, 2021
    Love you girl you will be missed.
  • September 3, 2021
    Coco Loved when people came over to visit and she loved to work the fireworks tents with her dad… Coco loved kids so much

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