Cinnamon Smith

Our Cinnamon will be missed. We’ll forever feel her with us. Everyone loved Cinnamon. She lived with her Mommy & 2 Sisters. But was known by all of our family and friends. She had many nicknames. Her most commonly used nickname was “CINNY”, followed by Cin, Poopie, Babygirl, Badgirl, Sissy (in which her sisters always called her), Ma-Ma, Mama girl, Baby, along with many others. Cinnamon was a fashionista who loved named brand things including her Coach Leash and Collar. Not to mention her pink nail polish. Whenever she was freshly groomed, she didn’t want to be touched due to being the bougie poodle that she was/is! Cinnamon also had her own little closet!
Cinny loved to cuddle up next to her Mommy & sisters! She had numerous beds and blankets in each room, but always wanted to lay under the people she loved most. Cinny always loved laying in the sun in the backyard. At times, she would roll around in the grass (especially right after getting a bath lol), but she mostly loved sun Bathing on the back porch. If it was raining or snowing Cinny was not having it! She hated getting wet! Just like she hated getting a fresh bath. But the aftermath would always relax her to the point where she’d sleep for hours! Cinny also loved sitting on the living room couch where the sun would hit her little body perfectly. She loved the warmth! Especially when the heat came on during the winter season! Her favorite place was not only under her family but the dining room heat vent. If we were looking for her, we knew where to find her during the months of November through March! Our Poopie loved many things! Her favorite sweet treat was a little peanut butter! Until she realized that said peanut butter had her allergy medicine mixed in it! Whenever she realized that, it became not so much of a treat lol.
We’re going to miss our little baby. Especially her little sassy walk around the house! Her excitement when we come through the door, her barking at random noises, her smell, her cuddles, her kisses, her turning a corner to go into a room, even her mean days! Her mommy is really going to miss her wanting to lay in her arms as she got her hair done. We always said we thought she was a hairstylist in her past life! It’s so many things we’re going to miss about her! So many things! Nothing or no one could ever replace her! Not even all of the money in the world! Cinny was placed in our lives for a reason! Our love will continue to live on and grow forever.

  • June 16, 2020
    I miss you sooooooo much baby-bad girl! Love, Sissy.

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