06/01/2014-02/26/2018 Baby Chloe you came into my life unexpectly with only a few weeks old, i’ll never forget that day. I was so afraid to lose you i took you to work make sure you were fed and warm. You made it and became to special and beautiful. I took care of you, gave you all i could. You were spoiled and i didnt care. Such a smart cat , thank you for allowing me to be your owner, you gave me the best years and memories. I know you are gone but our bond was one of a kind. It still haunts me how you died but i know you in a better place at the rainbow bridge waiting for me . Until we meet again , run free. I will always remember you, my sweet, loving , caring kitty i know you had the best life and deep down loved me 🙂 <3
RIP Chloe love you always, you will me in my heart forever.

  • April 12, 2018
    What a sweet memorial. I have no doubt that Chloe loved you more than you will ever know. Hugs and kitty cuddles, Diana and my angel kitties Alex and Ali

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