You were the best garage sale find ever. I adopted you from an animal rescue league at the Royal Oak Garage Sale in 2005. You were such a crazy youngster back then. Fast forward 13 plus years and I am looking at the face of the handsome senior you became with the distinguished grey eyebrows. You have left me with so many wonderful memories. How lucky I was to be your mom. You are missed terribly by your human and canine pack. Rest in Peace my dear Budman. Until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge I will carry you in my heart. XOXOXOXO December 2004 to August 5, 2018

  • August 8, 2018
    A dozen times a day I find myself looking for you around a corner or coming in from the yard. I miss you every time I feed the pack and have one less bowl to fill. The hole you have left in our lives is huge and no one will ever fill it quite the way you did. You were a great companion... gentle and sweet and goofy. You loved your human Mom with everything in your being and she loved right back. I am so glad I was able to know you these last 12 years and will miss you always. The pack and I will look after your Mom for you. Love you
  • August 8, 2018
    You are right I love the eyebrows. sorry for your loss
  • August 8, 2018
    I will always remember how gentle you were with Audrey and how you loved to have your chest scratched. We will all miss you very much Buddy! Rest easy in puppy heaven. Xoxo
  • August 8, 2018
    Sorry I didn't know you long, but I enjoyed that distinguished look and your gentleness. You will be missed!
  • August 9, 2018
    I remember You as the gentle patriarch of the pack. I didn’t know you very well when you were a young guy, but I thought of you as a distingushed older gentleman. What a soul you were. We will see you again for sure. We will all miss you greatly.
  • August 10, 2018
    I haven't seen you for awhile but I was the one who told your Mom that she needed you. And from the first moment she saw you it was love at first site. Your the only dog I have ever met that would get sooo excited to see me that you had to pee on me. :) I love you and you will be missed.
  • August 10, 2018
    I keep expecting you to be barking and thumping your tail at me every time I come home, demanding treats and pats. You left behind a space in our lives and no one can compare to our silly Budman. I love you and miss you.
  • September 7, 2018
    I can't believe it has only been over a month when it feels like I have been missing you for an eternity. There are so many things I miss about you. Seeing you peeking around the couch from your bed to see if I am there. You carrying your leash in your mouth when you were nervous. Never being able to watch anything on TV with a animal in it because you would bark at it. How goofy you would get when someone would say your name. The ever popular Buddy Boost. You are never far from my thoughts and will always be in my heart. Thank you for the visits. They help as we try to adjust to life without you. I love you and miss you so much.
  • November 5, 2018
    Three months ago today I had to say goodbye to my handsome Budman. It seems like yesterday and like a million years ago, all at the same time. You are thought of often and missed every single day.
  • December 14, 2018
    You have been on our minds a lot lately. Cooper had his picture taken with Santa alone this year. It was awful to see the empty space where you should have been. I am so grateful for the time we had you in our lives. You were born in December but we were never certain of the exact date. We chose to celebrate on Christmas because you were such a gift to us. It would have been your 14th birthday this Christmas. We continue to miss all the silly and goofy things you used to do.

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