Benjamyn Thomas Ray

Benjamyn aka Benny was a the most loving caring but yet very protective of his family kind of dog , he was 12 years young. He loved when mommy would put his sock monkey coat on when it got chilly outside and loved playing with his sister Lola 6 yr young Chi . He also loved his human sister and brothers, and of course daddy. He was our first forever fur baby that we’ve had since he was about a year old . He came from a bad situation into a loving fun family that adores him dearly , to have him cross over to the rainbow bridge was hard, his chi sister still sniffs and looks for him as it’s only been 2 days( 12/29/2017) is when he passed over ! He wil forever be in our hearts and nobody could ever replace his love that we have for him … as mommy and daddy is sitting up your little table for you to come home to … your favorite blanket will be waiting for you to arrive …. we love you Benjamyn Thomas …. rest easy baby boy .. xoxo

Mommy , Daddy
Your human sister & brothers
And of course your fur sister Lola ..

Love you then, love you Now and love you always …



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