My first full day without you has been a hard one. I’ve cried most of the day and my heart is so heavy and broken. It has been a gloomy day outside just like my mood. I know i know you hated rain because it interfered with your hunting and being outside. I patrolled the farm for you this morning just like you always did…. well I walked. I wasn’t looking to kill any mice like you did. I walked the same path you always walked all day hunting. It was a bit selfish I have to admit because I was looking for signs of you to feel close to you again. I stopped and sat on your rock you liked to sleep on. I told you how much you are loved and missed already. I also told you life will never be the same without you. On my second lap I turned the corner and I looked up and just for a brief moment the sun popped through the clouds. I smiled. I love you too. I looked back down at the road and there were two perfect small footprints. I don’t know if they were yours but at that moment to me they were. It wasn’t long after when Faithful Companion brought you home. Almost immediately it started to rain. You hated the rain so I took you inside. I placed you in your favorite place this time of year….under the Christmas tree. You have always been my best present ever besides my kids.

There is a saying that says: If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever.

You are and will forever be loved so much. Thank you for loving us unconditionally. Thank you for always being there when I woke up from my treatments. Thank you for your hard work making sure we didn’t have mice, moles, rabbits, birds, and once a snake around the farm. Thank you for choosing us literally. You have by far lived up to your name. I love you more than life my Angel.

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