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The Marrocco family, a known and trusted name in funeral service, has been providing families with compassionate, caring service for over 113 years. Jim Marrocco is the Owner and Manager of Marrocco Memorial Chapel & Powell-Marrocco Funeral Home in Clifton, NJ. Now Jim and his staff will bring their kind and considerate professional care to pet cremation services. The Marroccos understand that pets are loyal, faithful family members and will treat them with the same respect and dignity they would offer any family served in the funeral home. Whatever your needs may be, their experience will help you through this difficult time in your life.

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Life demands that we trust strangers. In childbirth, we give control to those who know what to do. In surgery, we surrender consciousness and trust our doctors. In death, we allow strangers to carry off the ones we love hoping they will be treated with dignity and respect. Your faithful companion, once placed in our care, will be treated as our own.