We receive many letters from the families we've served, thanking us for our caring ways during their time of loss. Their words warm our hearts, and speak to you of our professionalism, compassion, and the true value of the services we provide.

  • Donna Rhoads

    June 15, 2017

    Sadly we had to put my furry daughter Trixie down on Monday June 12, 2017 I miss her so much just hope your staff treat her body with tender loving care cause my Trixie is the light of my life I wish I had her back here me but I know she in heaven I love & miss U Trixie my furry daughter I will always be your mommy 4life you will always be in my heart to stay Read more

  • Anthony DeProspo

    May 21, 2017

    I can't say enough good things about this place. My family lost out Rottie Massimo yesterday. The entire process was emotionally draining but the staff here was wonderful. The two gentlemen I met at the crematorium were nothing but caring and fully accommodating. I and my family were very pleased with the final presentation. Read more

  • Kayla H

    May 18, 2017

    Unfortunately we had to put our 16 year old lab, Dakota, down this past Monday. Our veterinary office uses Faithful Companion cremation services. In addition to Cole Veterinary Hospital making our tough day more bearable, Faithful Companion did an excellent job. Our paw print we ordered was nicer than I ever could have hoped for, I was very impressed. And everything was finished and returned to me very quickly. Thank you for everything. 💗 Read more

  • Cheryl Gilson

    May 08, 2017

    What a fantastic service! We received Lilly's ashes around 9 on a Sunday morning, less than 24 hours after being put down. It was nice to receive her so soon, to know she was back home helps our healing process. Thank you so much for your professional services, we highly recommend you to everyone who loves their pets. Read more


    April 23, 2017


  • Oscar Garza

    April 19, 2017

    Dear Faithful Companion, on April 4, 2017, my Police K9 Thor (11 y/o) while working and while at the park exercising had passed away (possible heart attack) right after returning to the truck. This was pretty emotional for me and we decided to have him cremated. We had him taken to Faithful Companions in Royal Oak and when I picked up his ashes the Urn/Keepsake was beautiful and brought me to tears again. Thank you so much for caring for my partner Thor. Read more

  • Phyllis Caver

    March 12, 2017

    Dear Faithful Companion, I am so grateful for the prompt and caring service that your company provided during an extremely stressful time. My boy Kwazi was first to be cremated when he died 3/9/16. One year later his brother, Ngozi died 3/8/17. They are now together once again at the Rainbow Bridge. Love and Eternal Thanks, Phyllis Caver Read more

  • Meredith Taylor

    January 04, 2017

    I've been familiar with your services, as I've worked in veterinary offices that have used your services. Unfortunately, it was my turn to personally use your services in July 2016. We brought our dear Anya to your facility and were treated exceptionally well. It was a nice, small office that didn't make us feel uncomfortable. Your staff was incredibly supportive, kind and patient. I didn't want to leave my Anya, but knew she would be in good hands with your staff. After using your services myself, it is safe to say I would recommend your facility to anyone considering cremation of their beloved pet. If you treat me as well as you did, I know you'll do the same for anyone. Thank you for making an extremely difficult time just a little bit easier. Read more

  • Jason Sergetn

    November 22, 2016

    Thank you for the way you cared during one of the saddest times in my life. It's true. You have to trust people you never met at a tough time in life. It ended up that I felt all of your staff was trustworthy and genuine from the person who I first met, to the staff who helped carry Luke out of the car and the guy who came to the house. Best regards, Jason Read more

  • Nichole Williamson

    October 25, 2016

    As our family knew the time was coming for our 14 year old dog Diesel to cross the rainbow bridge I had made several calls to find the best route for our family to go with this process. I was not comfortable with having to wait a week or longer to get him back home to us as both of my boys (19 & 9) grew up with him and when I made the call and spoke with Tom, he eased my mind and helped us through the process. My husband is a truck driver and I knew I couldn't go through this without him with me. We took Diesel to North Central emergency vet and began the process not only were the staff there amazing, I called Tom and he said Patrick was headed up to pick Diesel up after we were done. The next morning Patrick called and was awesome and answered every question I had. That afternoon Jeremy called and said he was on his way to bring Diesel back home. Faithful Companion staff are all so loving and caring that I could never imagine dealing with anyone else through all of this. Highly recommended to all that have pets that are truly family members. Thank you for everything you have done for us. The Williamson Family *Diesel* Read more

  • Janice bienz

    October 14, 2016

    My kitty was put to sleep on Sept.28,16. The vet recommended their services for my long-time companion who was elderly and ill. They did a wonderful job,returning her ashes in 24 hrs. This was my first experience, and highly recommend this company. Thank you. Read more

  • Ron Seman

    October 12, 2016

    We were blessed to have our Golden Retriever, Aslan, 10 years and he passed away very surprisingly one afternoon. We got Faithful Companion's number from our vet who strongly recommended them. We wanted to grieve and celebrate Aslan's life so we called Faithful Companion's at 8AM the next day. Within a couple of hours Jeremy arrived and he was so gentle and loving and supporting. We couldn't imagine a more perfect person to come out to our home. He spent time comforting us and telling us of his own loss and he treated Aslan well. Again Jeremy came back the next day to our home with Aslan's ashes in a beautiful wooden box. He talked and comforted us again. We strongly recommend their services. They literally could not have been any better. Read more

  • Angelyn - Royal Oak, MI

    We had to say goodbye to our buddy boy, Cooper yesterday, March 16, 2016. I called and spoke to Carly and through my tears, she explained what the services are and reassured me that he would be cared for with dignity and respect. Mike, who came to my home to transport Cooper was very kind and understanding. Dominic answered all of my questions and concerns , and he did everything he could to be sure I was comfortable and at ease. I was able to bring his ashes home with me right away along with a beautiful card and clay paw print. I cannot express how wonderful all of you have been to take care of my needs and to leave me with tangible memories of my sweet boy. I will always be grateful for what you were able to do during a difficult loss. God Bless. Read more

  • Len Japchinski - Northwest Indiana

    Our beautiful black lab passed away at home on Sunday, March 13th. I contacted Faithful Companion and spoke to Tom who answered all my questions. On Monday, March 14th we brought our beauty for cremation. All questions were answered in a very professional, and so very sincere manner by Jeremy. We said our tearful goodbyes to our big guy in the cremation room. In less than three hours he was in his beautiful urn, with condolence card and tag. We even got a Rainbow Bridge card that in reading brought tears to our eyes. Comet is home now, forever missed, till we meet again. Thank you Faithful Companion and especially Jeremy for being so very kind, caring and compassionate in a oh so difficult time. Read more

  • Jennifer Miller - Northwest Indiana

    I had to put my beloved Bella to rest on Monday Febuary 22, 2016. It was the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make. Bella and I were blessed to have Jeremy, from NW Indiana’s Faithful Companion, there with us that day. I wanted to take the time to express my gratitude. Jeremy, thank you for being so kind and caring to Bella. You may never know how much I appreciate you spending the time to talk to us and answer all of our questions. Your thoughtfulness and kind word of compassion will never be forgotten. They brought us peace during a very difficult time. Read more

  • Alyssa - Northwest Indiana

    They cremated my dog (Ruu Ruu) so quickly and the paw print just came with it. They were really sorry about the urn being on back order and made and was very remorseful about our loss. They hand delivered Ruu Ruu already in his sealed urn (no bag). They also added a card of their condolences and had all their information with his stuff. This was all handed to me in a sturdy bag. Very professional, very personal. They made this incredibly easy and it was affordable. I’m happy to have my bubby back home. Read more

  • Dan - Royal Oak, MI

    These guys are wonderful. Read more

  • Karin Mirabella - Clifton, NJ

    I just wanted to say thank you to Paul and everyone at Faithful Companion in Clifton, NJ. Rocky the bearded dragon was my sons first pet. He took his passed very hard as did we all. When my son decided to have him cremated I started calling vet offices to see if it could be done the same day. They all said no. When I came upon Faithful Companion on the internet and gave them a call I was so happy that Paul was able to perform the service for us the same day. Thank you again. Read more

  • jennifer mercier - Northwest Indiana

    my little Leala had been batteling diabetes for almost a year and at 14 years old i had to make the heart wrenching decision to send her to the rainbow bridge! i haven’t had an experience to this level of sadness ever in my life, but getting my sweet baby back from you in the time i did made it so much easier to heal and know she was still with me in some capasity. I thank you all for the beautiful way she was brought back to me and forever will be greatful for the kind gifts included with her ashes!! Read more

  • Gina Bartkowski - Northwest Indiana

    After 15 long years I had to say goodbye to my family member with 4 legs. I had Tim since he was 4 weeks old someone had dumped that precious puppy in a dumpster. I had volunteered at the animal welfare and as soon as he came in I saw him hiding terrified in the back of the cage and instantly said that’s my dog. Tim was a very special dog he reminded me so much of myself. We both have major anxiety over the simplest of things. He was so special to me I will forever cherish every year spent with him. When the time came he let my mother and I know….he just gave us a look and we knew. He was tired it was time for him to be in paradise. When I contacted faithful companion they made such a heart wrenching process as easy as it could be. They were so compassionate and professional. The young gentlemen who came to get Tim had to wait because the vet took longer then expected and he was so understanding and patient. The whole process was so fast I had Tim sitting in his beautiful urn in my room watching over me in 24 hrs. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I don’t think I could’ve went through this painful process without faithful companion. Again thank you. Read more

  • Pam & Ron Nickerson - Naples, FL

    My husband and I were driving from Boston to Naples for the winter with our 2 dogs and 2 cats when we got trapped in bumper to bumper traffic on I95 in the Carolinas. My 14 yo ShihTzu Haley who had many medical issues being contained with medications began vomitting and became very restless. I finally located a Veterinarian Hospital in Charleston SC that was opened. Sadly my beloved Haley had to be euthanized due to Congestive Heart Failure. We finally made it to Naples where Faithful Companion was recommended for cremation. I was so exhausted and distraught at this point I was in a daze. The cremation service was made so personal and humane by Tim and Michelle that I can only say Thank God for them. It’s very rare to meet such beautiful, honest and caring people in business. At one of the saddest points in my life they really helped ease my pain. I cannot say enough about these two kind people. Thank you so much Tim and Michelle. Pam & Ron Nickerson Read more

  • Carl & Christina Whorley - Royal Oak, MI

    After 14 years, we had to put down our little buddy, Max. His favorite pastimes included chasing squirrels, laying in anybody’s lap, playing with his toys and of course, getting treats. Fortunately for us, a friend referred us to Faithful Companion. We can’t explain how much we appreciate their compassion, patience and sympathetic words of kindness to help us through our time of time of sorrow. The whole process took less than 24 hours. Now, Max is home and his urn sits on the fireplace mantle. We thank everyone involved at Faithful Companion for providing such a great service and maintaining such a professional demeanor. Read more

  • Teresa Marchante - Naples, FL

    Tim and Michelle are the most professional, compassionate and caring people I have come across. I had a lot of questions over and over and they answered everyone of them with so much patience. I am forever grateful for the service you provided me in my darkest hour of not only losing one baby but two at the same time. Your employee, Chris, was so reverent and respectful of not only me but of my babies. He stood “guard” at the end of the van with his hands crossed in front of him looking forward like he would if it were a human being while Tim was finishing up with me in the house. He stood that way until Tim walked down the steps and gave him a nod. Michelle dropped Cane and Madison along with my infinity necklace back to me the very next day and greeted me with a warm embrace and her condolences. What a wonderful company, wonderful owners, employees and top notch service. May God Bless You for coming to Naples, FL Read more

  • SAM & DEANNE - Royal Oak, MI

    Blue Pearl Emergency Center of Macomb, MI made the passing of our baby kitty Cali easier at a very difficult time. Our beloved kitty Cali passed away on Christmas Eve 2015 and we were in shock. We took home information in regards to Faithful Companion and made our decision on the 26th of December and we had our baby kitty Cali back with us on the 27th. The whole experience was top of the line. RIP Cali Thank you to everyone that has helped us get through this very difficult time. Read more

  • Olivia Baker - Royal Oak, MI

    December 1, 2015 our playful, fun loving seven year old Pit bull terrier, George Ferdinand, was not feeling well. We rushed him to an emergency vet clinic at 11:30pm where he passed away at 4:00am December 02 from Acute Pancreatitis. It was so sudden and shocking it really hasn’t hit home yet that my boy is gone. My husband arranged for Faithful Companion in Royal Oak, Michigan to care for our Georgie. They picked him up from the vet and delivered his remains a few minutes ago. The Gentleman were dressed in suits and very kind, supportive and respectful as they expressed condolences and presented Georie in the beautiful Urn. Thank you for providing such a great service to hurting families. Read more

  • Jacob & Terri Loera - Northwest Indiana

    We just want to thank everyone at faithful companion for making a very very difficult time a little easier. Tom for arranging for Patrick to come out the night before Thanksgiving, Patrick for being so caring and Rick for bringing our buddy back to us on Thanksgiving day it mean’t everything to us to have him back with us. Homer was with us for 16 years and will be missed so very much, always loved and in our hearts forever. Again thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Jacob & Terri Read more

  • Kevin Martin - Northwest Indiana

    My wife and I have been in dog rescue for many years. Over that time we have come across pups too special or too old to rehome. We keep them and they live with us. We are not the typical pet owner. I used to think that when a pet passes, you bury it in a special spot in the back yard. In 2011 after the death of a very beloved Eskie Dog, we met Tom of Faithful Companions. Long story short, Faithful Companions has handled 9 of our passed rescues. I can not express the magnitude of comfort we find in having our very special pups with us in a display cabinet in our living room. In 2012 after moving out of a house we lived in to move to a different town, I felt bad leaving behind an exceptionally special pup named Bobo. I asked Tom if I would be nuts to exhume Bobo and bring his remains to Faithful Companions to be cremated. So Bobo could join the others. Tom not only assured me I was not nuts, but gave me a special bag to place Bobo into once I had him. Faithful Companions has always gone above and beyond, and is exceptionally supportive, and respectful, and makes the whole grieving time more easily to cope with. Faithful Companions will always be a part of our family as long as my wife and I have pups. Thank you Tom and family for your service! Read more

  • Michele & Peter Gicopoulos - Royal Oak, MI

    We have lost 3 beloved dogs in just 7 years. Each time leaves us feeling more devastated than the last. Riley developed Hemangiosarcoma (there was a mass on his spleen) and we didn’t have any idea he had it. They call it the “silent killer”. One day he was fine, the next day he passed away at the vet as my husband had taken him in to see why he wasn’t doing so well. I was out of town and my husband called me and I felt like my world had crashed down on me. We agreed that we wanted to call Faithful Companion to help us with the arrangements. Since I was out of town I didn’t get to say goodbye. My husband had Faithful Companion get a plaster paw print of my baby’s paw so that I could have it forever. It was the nicest thing he has ever done for me. Thank you Faithful Companion for making this possible. Your jobs must be difficult dealing with people who have lost their loved ones. But you are professional and prompt and for that I would highly recommend you to any one that is dealing with this difficult situation. Thank you again. Read more

  • Michele Daigneault - Charlotte, NC

    Faithful Companion sent us one of their beautiful wooden boxes for our 14 year old black lab, Jackson. Jacksons two brothers, Truman and Cooper had passed while we were in Charlotte and Faithful Companion had taken care of their remains in such a timely caring manner, and delivering them back to us in the beautiful wooden boxes, but when Jackson passed while we were in NH his remains came back in a inferior tin box. My husband got in touch with Faithful Companion and they sent us a wooden box for FREE so Jacksons remains would be in the same box as his brothers. It was so appreciated and kind. I would recommend Faithful Companion to anyone going thru this hard time. Very professional but also so very kind. Read more

  • Kimberly Guley - Royal Oak, MI

    My husband and I are grieving the loss of our 9.5 year old, orange tabby cat, Winston. Winston was diagnosed with cancer about two weeks ago. We chose to treat his symptoms instead of the cancer since it was such an aggressive kind that had already spread. He began going downhill two nights ago, so we made the decision to go ahead and put him down before he really begins to suffer. Our vet was in an emergency surgery and suggested we wait until the following day as long as Winston doesn’t appear to be in pain or suffering. Thinking he could last one more night, we scheduled an appointment the next day. Horrifically, he died in the middle of the night just a few hours later. We are from NC, and have buried pets on our family’s farm in the past, but now living in Michigan, we didn’t fee comfortable burying him in a place where we likely won’t life forever. We did some research and Faithful Companion had the best reviews and information to suit our wants for our dear sweet Winston. After taking his body to them, they explained the whole process, let us say our goodbyes, and showed us the utmost compassion. They delivered Winston’s remains the very next evening to our home in a gorgeous wooden box they engraved with Winston’s name. My husband and I are utterly awestruck with the professionalism, quality, and kindness of this family-owned business. They even gave us a card and a bookmark with a comforting saying about “The Rainbow Bridge”. I was in tears when receiving all of this from them, but we are comforted by the compassion Faithful Companion has for us in this painful time. I would recommend them to anyone. Read more

  • Ray Barnes - Naples, FL

    We would like to thank Michelle and Faithful Companion for the support & guidance in our time of need. When we arrived in Naples from New York in Sept and Cooper got so sick & passed away we didnt know what to do. I called Michelle and she was able to take care of everything in a very caring way and we had Cooper back the next day and were able to bring him home to Long Island with us. Thank you Michelle & Faithful Companion for your caring ways. Read more

  • Mike Wilburn - Northwest Indiana

    Tom did such an excellent job with my dog Max. He did such a great job in a Our grieving time. He did everything we asked. We got max back quickly. I would like to to thank them again for their services Read more

  • Cleta Ramsey - Charlotte, NC

    On Saturday 10/24 I had to say goodbye to my precious Digger who had been with me for 15 years. The Cabarrus Emergency Vet Clinic sent him to Faithful Companions in Charlotte NC. He miss his 15th birthday by 3 days. Due to you great care he returned home for his birthday. Thank you so much for the work you did and the care you took in taking care of my baby. He will be with me til the end. Thank you once again. Read more

  • Bonnie Esrig - Cincinnati/Dayton, OH

    When my beloved pet of 15 years died unexpectedly, the caring and prompt services provided by Faithful Companion were much appreciated. I have lost pets in years past and the process of taking them for cremation and picking them up again was heart wrenching. Faithful Companion provided a far superior option. The gentleman picked up my little guy directly from the animal hospital and personally returned the cremains to my home the very next day. This was so much less traumatic and I highly recommend them. Read more

  • Nadine - Northwest Indiana

    We live in Illinois and our vet uses your services. My wonderful 14 year old cat, Pippin, passed away Oct.13th. The gentleman that delivered his ashes the next day was so kind and compassionate. It really means a lot that there are wonderful people like you all who provide such a blessed service. Thank you so much. I know my baby was in the best of care. God bless you all. Read more

  • THE DOW FAMILY - Naples, FL

    Thank you for making such a difficult time for us a little easier. Your support, professionalism and compassion were greatly appreciated. It was most important to us that we could bring and take home our beloved Mugsy on the same day. The facility set up was very inviting and we loved the fact that Mugsy was alone in his process. There was never a question of whether or not the ashes we received would be his. Your personal touch and compassion were evident in the entire process and we can’t thank you enough for making us feel as if the entire day was just for him. The Dow Family Read more

  • Karen Fromm - Royal Oak, MI

    Sadly, on Thursday evening at 7:10 pm our friend, companion, and son crossed over the rainbow bridge. His journey started out in pursuit of a forever home and at the end it he who has given us one that will never be the same without his presence. For almost 20 years he has brought joy and happiness to all those that have crossed his path. His comforting spirit and personality taught us all that there is an unconditional love that cannot be surpassed. Although he no longer walks among us his foot prints will always remain within our hearts. “Mom and Dad will always love you -Kari and Tony Read more

  • Diana Simons - Royal Oak, MI

    When our Lab passed away in March 2012,Hertiage Veterinary in Genesee, MI made all the arrangements with Faithful Companions. We were very pleased with how you handled our Ace Simons.you were very thoughtful and kind. We will be looking forward to the day when you handle our 2 cats some day,as we plan on them being cremated Sincerely Diana and Wayne Simons Flint,Mi Read more

  • Jess Suda - Royal Oak, MI

    All I can say is thank you. Marley was my best bud for 14 years and I was truly devastated to say goodbye to him. I had never even thought about what was going to happen when he was gone and you guys made it so easy. Everyone was incredibly kind and compassionate and Marley was back home within 24 hours. I really felt that you guys cared and it helped me so much during this painful grieving process. Thank you. Read more

  • Katherine Moloney - Charlotte, NC

    My cat Oliver was so special to me. When he got sick and I had to make the decison to put him to rest I used your services. Your team is excellant and loving- the woman who came here was gentle and caring- she brought Oliver back the next day. A beautiful keepsake of his remains and something I will never forget. It was so much more for me then a cremation you made it feel so special- Thank you!!!! Read more

  • Darlene - Royal Oak, MI

    Thank so much for taking care of my baby girl Pepper. I was so grateful that you even brought her back to the house. Special service at a very tough time. You guys are the best. Read more

  • Betsy Adkins - Royal Oak, MI

    Thank you for your prompt and kind service with the cremation of my dog Odie. I emailed a wonderful woman named Kaley Beaton and she answered all my questions, before I had the courage to call. Then she helped me through the process by phone. The gentleman that delivered the remains today was very compassionate and asked if I had questions. I am soooooooo happy I found your services, and I will highly recommend you to my friends and family…… Read more

  • Donna Duke - Charlotte, NC

    I am at a loss for words to describe the service you provide and the manner in which you provided it. Compassionate, kind, thoughtful, considerate, touching. I could keep going. On September 10, 2015, I had to put down the closest thing I have to a child, my beautiful Cheyenne. Cheyenne was a 15 yr old Lab/German Shepard/Chow mix that was by side through most of my adult life. She just had the most beautiful spirit and soul. To know her was to love her. She was my dog and I was her human. She was diagnosed with cancer in May 2015 and fought the malignant melanoma that consumed her mouth for as long as she could. Though I knew it was the right thing to do, to let her go, it broke my heart. I was blessed that my vet and Faithful Companions came to my home. Cheyenne was surrounded by many who loved her that morning. Afterwards, several of those people commented on how respectful Faithful Companions was. Not only to me, but to Cheyenne. Through every tearful phone communication I had with them, both before and after, they were so patient and considerate and kind. And they always ended our call with “We are so sorry for your loss.” But, the moment that will forever be in my heart, and gave me peace, was when Faithful Companions called me the day after we said goodbye to Cheyenne. I answered the phone and they said “We’d like to bring Cheyenne home today.” God bless you. I have thanked the Lord for you and your service. You surpassed any expectation I had and I am forever grateful. Thank you so very much. Read more

  • Susan Vukelich - Northwest Indiana

    Our English Mastiff, Layla was 150 lbs. & the best dog ever. I lamented toward the end of her life – how would we transport her to the vet? Tom helped us with all of our options, referring a Vet to come to our home. His comforting, professional staff gave us support as we shared our last moments with Layla. They treated the entire process with respect & dignity. Faithful Companion views this as we do – she was a member of our family. Thank you so much for making this a loving, respectful experience. Read more

  • Christna Brunner - Cincinnati/Dayton, OH

    Thank you for making a difficult time a little more bearable. My vet highly recommended your services and I felt like my friend’s remains would be handled with dignity. Having my pet returned to us so quickly has helped the healing process. Thank you again. Read more

  • Kincaid family - Royal Oak, MI

    Thank you for bringing our baby back to us tonite. The service you provide was a long time coming and helped us cope with the loss we are feeling. Read more

  • Liz Lanni - Royal Oak, MI

    Wayne and Joe – I can not thank you enough for handling my sweet Bella’s cremation. A local vet was suppose to cremate her and they dropped the ball and left me hanging. Joe and Wayne went above and beyond to get my dog and verify it was her and for this my family will be forever grateful. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for bringing our baby home. Read more

  • Nancy - Royal Oak, MI

    Just want to thank you for taking care of my moms cat Olive and thank you for the fast service. My mom feels better that Olive is now at peace. Read more

  • Amy & John Nothnagle - Royal Oak, MI

    We can never thank you enough for the way you helped us. Your sincere service was deeply appreciated. We understand “witnessing cremation” isn’t for everyone, but we wished for…and such a service (they arranged for us even that was late Friday night) gave us great deal of last satisfaction. They truly understand how much our lost one meant to us. This is a last thing we do for our loved one and Faithful companion provide with very best for them and ourselves. Thank you so very much. Read more

  • Tim and Kim Brown - Charlotte, NC

    Thank you so much for your caring and compassion at a very difficult time for us. Our dog Sisko was a much loved family member for 14 years. David was very kind and courteous. Thank you for the fast service. It was important to us to get Sisko back so quickly. Sincerely, The Browns Read more

  • Lori Burack - Royal Oak, MI

    Thank you for the Kind & Fast Service you provided for Our Family! I know Tasha was well taken care of…… Read more

  • Yvonne Meadows - Royal Oak, MI

    Thank you ever so much for taking great care of my17 1/2 year old cat bidol. It was done so professionally and with great care. She was brought right to my doorstep. It was done so quickly, and I am very impressed. Now she is home. And thank you to everyone who was involved with the process. Read more

  • Cynthia Mackey - Royal Oak, MI

    I want to thank you for making this process easier. I’ve used another facility in the past and I will not be returning to them. Faithful Companion is very professional yet personal and caring during a sad time. This is the first time but not the last time I will be using your services. Once again, thank you for making this process easier and knowing that my pets even tho deceased are being treated with love and kindness! Read more

  • sylvia m mapps multrie - Northwest Indiana

    I would like to thank tom for everything that he has done for my family and Gas Tank. Tom thank you so much for being so kind and professional Read more

  • Linda Dombrowski - Northwest Indiana

    I want to thank Jeremy so very much for taking the time to show us the jewelry for our “Angel” who passed away in February 2015. He was extremely pleasant and knowledgeable of the products and was very compassionate. I was not able to pick up the necklaces as we had an emergency with my son and had to take him to Indianapolis for surgery. He took the time to deliver them to my daughter who was at home watching my other fur babies while we were in Indy. Jeremy was a wonderful and kind person who took the time to deliver our products. Jeremy made our lives easier and now when we arrive back home, we will have Our Special Angel there. Jeremy thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your kindness. You’re the best!!! Read more

  • Ed & Rose Gumbko - Royal Oak, MI

    Although we had very hard time of saying goodbye to our Yellow Lab, Harley of 13 years. The return of her ashes within a 24 hour period has made it easier. Thanks you very much. Read more

  • jessica clarke - Northwest Indiana

    Just want to say thank you Sooo much for what you did for my mom. That will never be forgotten!! Truly an amazing company!! Read more

  • Stephanie Fleming - Charlotte, NC

    We want to thank the Santeiu family for their professional and caring help as we said goodbye to our sweet Moby of 12 years. They were so caring and thoughtful during such a difficult time. Would highly recommend their services!! Read more

  • Lisa (Reis) and Jeff Barkin - Naples, FL

    We can’t express enough gratitude for the compassion received at such a heartbreaking time from Tim and Michelle at Faithful Companion. Our little Ruby had never spent a night away from us in 17 years and even though she left us physically on May 7th at 6:00pm she was able to come home with us at 8 pm on May 7th because of their timely service and dedication to those that have just experienced such a sad loss. We feel very blessed that they were there for us. They waited for us to arrive at the end of their day to be sure that we could take Ruby home with us that night. Truly unbelievable. They are a company with incredible heart. Thank you so much, Tim and Michelle. Read more

  • Michelle - Northwest Indiana

    After a sudden onset of a serious illness, I had to say goodbye to my very young kitty. Despite such unfortunate circumstances, I cannot praise enough the level of service Faithful Companion provided during my time of distress. The kindness and compassion that Tom exhibited was unparalleled. He called to check on me and offer his help and condolences. He personally returned my baby the next day, with a beautiful poem, locket, and card. He made the entire experience worry-free. This establishment truly understands the bond between human and animal. They offer a truly personal experience that I have not had anywhere else. Read more

  • Camille - Naples, FL

    I knew the first time I met Tim & Michelle that this is the place I would want our Clients Pets to go. They are Compassionate and very Professional Loving People. They are sensitive to the needs of the family who have just lost their beloved Pet. Thank you for all you do. The Naples Community is Lucky to have you! – See more at: http://www.faithfulcompanion.com/testimonials/#sthash.GnaWOALt.dpuf Read more

  • Lt Col Jim & Dianne Zagata - Naples, FL

    Tim and Michelle truly represent what is BEST about America…..incredible caring, fine touch, highly professional service! We had Hollyberry for 15 1/2 years and her death came sudden without any pain……9 hours later after FIRST CLASS service (at a VERY low price) we have our Holly forever. PLEASE……for yourselves and children……Do THIS!!! Blessings! Read more

  • Guy - Cincinnati/Dayton, OH

    This place made it easier for us to accept the loss of our pet Baxter.Great people that talked to us and great service too.I would highly recomend this place for anyone who has lost a pet and want them creamated.Very affordable and a lot to choose from. Read more

  • Gary and Judy Bassett - Naples, FL

    Thank you for your very professional and caring service for our 14 year old Pekingese, Betsy. We are so happy to find you in Naples. You made the whole process much easier to bear and your genuine caring attitude for our pet was wonderful. We will recommend you to any friends who need your services. Read more

  • Jenny - Northwest Indiana

    Losing a pet is hard. We lost two in the past two years.. The turn around of getting your pet’s ashes is quick and the kindness is amazing. Read more

  • Jim and Jenny - Northwest Indiana

    Amazing service!!! Losing a pet isn’t easy but they made it easier. Read more

  • Joni - Northwest Indiana

    Thank you so very much to Tom and the staff at the Northwest Indiana location. Losing my beautiful girl Zombie was devastating to me. Zombie and my family were all treated with such respect, kindness, dignity and compassion it is impossible to explain. We were not rushed, we were allowed to take our time saying goodbye to her. No question or request was treated as insignificant by them. You will never know how much you helped us that day. And it was wonderful to have her back home the next day! Jeremy hand delivered my paw print necklace to work to me today and it is truly beautiful. I cannot express how grateful I am that my vet recommended Faithful Companion to us. God bless all of you for everything you do. Read more

  • Mike and Debbie Everett - Charlotte, NC

    Thank you so much for your kindness. We had Sasha for just 7 weeks. She was just 17 weeks old when she passed on 04/02/2015 during heart surgery. We had you such a short time but the joy and love you gave us, there are not enough words to relate the love we have for you. You were saucy. The Beaautiful urn you are in now was not expected. In our grief we really paid no attention to what we were paying for. The workmanship on the urn and her information on the bottom and date of passing was nice to see. We are overcome with grief at loosing you our little noodle. You are missed so much Read more

  • Steven - Northwest Indiana

    I highly recommend thanks again. Read more

  • Tacy - Charlotte, NC

    When our little man passed suddenly away from home, Faithful Companions was a true GODsend!! Our truck was in the shop and we had no means of transportation; we were in total tourmoil and grief!!! They were professional, sympathic and prompt in gathering him and return within hours. Price, though unconcerned with, was very reasonable. The basic box was very nice with his name, ID number and date of passing on the bottom. Extremely high regards and appreciation of their services and Chad in particular! THANK YOU! You will be missed always, Tater! We love you!! Read more

  • shauna - Clifton, NJ

    When my sweet lady bunny, Flufflee, passed away, I was heart broken and could not bear the thought of her sitting in a freezer or shelf, alone for a week or more. Your staff made a fast appointment for me to bring her to you and you gave her back to me in about an hour. I promised Flufflee when I rescued her that I would never leave her or abandon her. You helped me keep that promise. Thank you. This has been so important in my healing. Your staff was so kind and understanding. I highly recvommend your service. Read more

  • Samantha Gardner - Naples, FL

    We lost out beloved baby Jacques last week and are strickened with grief. The only thing that made this process easier was Michelle. I hated the thought of our baby laying in a freezer for over a week. I got Jacques ashes back less then 24 hours later. Michelle was so compassionate and kind and understood my grief. I truly recommend them will all my heart. As hard as this process has been putting our loved one down, it would have been tougher without Faithful Companions. Thank you for everything. Read more

  • Virginia Witt - Clifton, NJ

    I want to thank you for taking care of Jonas. We are so grateful to you for your compassionate services when we were grieving for our sweet boy. I recommend you to anyone who has lost a beloved pet. Thank you so much. Read more

  • Mary O - Clifton, NJ

    Thank you very much. You provide a service for which i never realized I would be so grateful by treating my Benny with compassion and care. Read more

  • Ms. LG - Charlotte, NC

    Saturday 1/31/15 was the hardest day in my life, saying goodbye to my. Maggie. I thank Chad for being so compassionate, but yet professional. He made this a smooth process for me. They brought my Maggie back home and the driver was wonderful too. Job Well Done Faithful Companion of Charlotte. God Bless. Read more

  • Jason S - Northwest Indiana

    Lost my best friend of 15 yrs last night 1/30/15 and Tom @ faithful companions was very helpful and completely sympathetic with my loss. Jeremy @ the front desk was one of the kindest people I’ve had the pleasure to meet, it hasn’t been easy for me as my dog was my everything just me and her… Please note that the address listed here on the website for FC is not 4401 Ridge Rd. Gary IN. Please don’t go there its completely misleading and the experience for me was horrible to say the least(this location does pet cremations as well, but in my opinion from my experience not with heart), it turns out the address listed is incorrect the actual NWI business for Faithful Companion is 11401 Indianapolis BLVD. Cedar Lake, INDIANA…. Again to the great staff Tom and Jeremy I thank you so much….. Read more

  • Beth R - Royal Oak, MI

    I can’t say thank you enough to the team at Faithful Companion. I lost my cat of 19 years overnight on a Saturday and they were a godsend. The gentlemen that picked up and returned Gracie were so dignified and respectful and made this very difficult moment for me and my 3 year old puppy more bearable. Thank you Roger & Tom for your kindness, compassion, patience, and understanding!!! Read more

  • Kimberly chipules - Northwest Indiana

    I just wanted to say thank you so much for coming out to pick up Rover and thank you for being so compassionate and such a hard time where there was a little girl involved and it was her first animal you really showed her that it was going to be ok we also had two other dogs. Or I should say cremated with use 2 years ago and I will say I have never dealt with a companion ship as I have with faithful companion thank you for all that you do and I hope I don’t need you in the near future but I do have another dog and cat and I know that they won’t live forever but I know that I can entrust that they will when their time com be very well taken care of thank you Kimberly chipules Read more

  • Douglas - Cincinnati/Dayton, OH

    I was very impressed with how dignified and sincere the gentlemen were with my son’s dog, Cookie. My son was devastated, and the young man who picked her up was very kind and understanding, and allowed him to take the time he needed to say goodbye. The home pick up and delivery is a godsend, and everything was done with class. Thank you so much. Read more

  • Patricia - Clifton, NJ

    Thank you for being so compassionate during a difficult time. Very kind and professional. Rest in Peace to my Murphy cat. Read more

  • Robert S. - Royal Oak, MI

    Mr. Wayne and Mr. Patrick are two of the nicest people I have ever met. I cannot thank them and the rest of the staff enough for caring for us with so much patience and compassion in our time of need. Read more

  • Risa Needles - Royal Oak, MI

    I wanted to thank you and your staff for going above and beyond for my sweet little Shorty. When I had to make the decision to end his pain I was crying and upset at VCA and did not pay for a private cremation on that snowy Saturday morning. I later contacted them and they had closed. I found out they used your service and called on Sunday crying. I was assured the pick up had not been made and they made a notation of my name as well as my Shorty as to not do a group cremation as I wanted private to bring my baby home. It was the first little piece of mind I had in over 24 hours and I appreciate that. I made the arrangements with VCA first thing Monday morning and my baby was brought home to me that afternoon. I am still heartsick, but having you make notations so I could make the arrangements for private and bringing him to me the same day has helped me to cope. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Read more

  • Elaine Beck - Royal Oak, MI

    Thank you for bringing my sweet baby girl Lucy home to me. I called the office the next day and my call was answered immediately and I was treated with compassion and kindness. Thank you, you have no idea how much your kindness was appreciated. Read more

  • Cindy Adamski - Charlotte, NC

    Thank you for taking care of our Rookie. He was our world and will be greatly missed!! Phillip was very nice and you could tell in his voice he cares very much. Thank you for the footprint, was not expecting that and it means the world to us. Read more

  • Wendell - Cincinnati/Dayton, OH

    I have no regrets choosing Faithful Companion in these sad times. The staff were caring, respectful and helpful in answering all of my concerns and questions. Tigger’s urn is really beautiful and the paw print is well done. Read more

  • Gaylina and Family - Royal Oak, MI

    I wanted to thank you all for contacting me quickly and helping me during such a difficult time. Tom went above and beyond to help me accept the loss of Rain. She was a beautiful young lab. Thank you so much for caring and having compassion. Read more

  • Larry Carr - Charlotte, NC

    I wanted to take a moment to thank you for taking good care of our Max. We have been very sad, but your compassion and care was wonderful. Read more

  • Madeline Ramirez - Clifton, NJ

    Paul, Thank you so much for helping us through this very tough time. You were so kind to myself and my mother regarding our beautiful little Mushie. I am so happy that we chose Faithful Companion. Not only is Mushie’s urn absolutely beautiful with her name in gold, but the Rainbow Bridge poem was so beautifully comforting for our family. Thank you for taking good care of Mushie and for bringing her back to us. I truly felt at ease once I had received your call that you would be bringing her home. Your compassion was unforgettable and my family thanks you from the bottom of our hearts for your understanding and compassionate ways. Read more

  • Alexis Schultz - Cincinnati/Dayton, OH

    I would just like to say thank you for helping my family through this tough time. It was so unexpected and an emotional drain for our whole family, and after having one cremation company treat us extremely insensitively and offer to do the bare minimum, I’m so glad my mom decided to give Faithful Companion a call. We were treated with such care and compassion and I knew Coconut was in good hands. It was so nice to have her honored with such a beautiful urn to keep in our house forever. I’ve referred a friend who recently lost his dog, but their family decided to a different route other than cremation, but I will definitely be referring your services to those who would benefit from them. Thanks again for everything. Your help and kindness won’t be forgotten Read more

  • Norm Powell - Royal Oak, MI

    Just would like to say that it has been a long 3 weeks here without our baby Gigi. One of the many things we hold on to is knowing what wonderful care & compassion you took with her and her loved ones. Thank you for being there for us. God bless all of you… Read more

  • Denis & Heidi Rogge - Royal Oak, MI

    Thank you so much for your prompt attention and return of our beloved baby-Meagan. We are still greiving over her loss, but feel comforted knowing she is back with us. Your delivery man was consoling, businesslike yet personable, he even listened to our story. Read more

  • david white - Charlotte, NC

    hercules 639 miss him so much Read more

  • david white - Charlotte, NC

    639 Read more

  • TammiAlexander - Charlotte, NC

    Thank you for your compassion. Phillip Answered every question with sincerity every time I called to check and recheck to make sure we were on the same page getting things ready to send our girl Shebah to the Bridge on October 17, 2014. We had our sweet girl for 13 1/2 yrs and she almost made it to her 15th birthday, but dementia stole her from us. When They came to get her from our home as we had planned after we sent her off in the backyard of our home. I was not ready, and your driver waited patiently for me to be able to let go of my girl. He never rushed me, never flinched, he was wonderful. We had our baby girl back to our home is less than 24 hrs. The professionalism and sincerity was felt from beginning to end. Thank you for this wonderful service and caring staff. Read more

  • Dan & Elaine - Southwest Michigan

    Thank-you Faithful Companion. We lost our beloved Leo after 10 years. We wish we could of kept him longer but now he is with our other beloved dog Cody. Thank you Scott for coming and taking care of our baby what a great service. very comforting. Read more

  • Linda Sue Brady - Charlotte, NC

    Thank you for your compassionate care. Munchkin left me on 9/21/14, and the emergency clinic highly recommended your services. It shows that your company truly loves and understands pets and their families. Read more

  • Shannon Chavez - Northwest Indiana

    This is by far the best company in the world. Our dog who was 13 years old passed away and Faithful Companions came the same day and made the hardest day of my life much easier. They are so professional and truly have your pets best interest in mind. I was so upset and they made sure to comfort and assume me that our dog would be taken care of in the best possible way. I cannot thank them enough for such an amazing experience. I highly recommend this company for so many different reasons. To be able to make such a heart aching experience a positive one truly is a mircale. Read more

  • Gus Gudino - Northwest Indiana

    Thanks for taking care of my Rexy Read more

  • Stephen Kowalski - Royal Oak, MI

    I screwed up but it didn’t matter. When I took my beloved dog Sadie to VCA Hospital, I cried and cried because I knew she was going to Heaven that day. I failed to fill out the form correctly to get her urn engraved. Your team was more than understanding and eager to help. I can’t drive because I’m sick. Your team was more than understanding and did all the driving for me. People sometimes looked at me funny because I treated her like a little person. Some people may think it’s weird that I’m still grieving after a couple days. However, your team made me feel like it’s okay to miss my “lil girl” that much. Thank you for treating Sadie with such care and dignity. If you ever need a song or background music to promote your business, I will do it for free. All you have to do is call and I’ll be there for you just like you were there for me. Stephen Kowalski Read more

  • Karen - Clifton, NJ

    Thank you Faithful Companion in Clifton, NJ. We lost our beloved Golden Retriever Molly after 11 years. She died unexpectedly in her sleep and we were devastated. I spoke to Paul on the phone and he was kind and compassionate assuring us that Molly would receive the dignified cremation that she deserved. They picked Molly up on a Sunday afternoon within an hour of being contacted and her ashes were ready for us the next day. Molly was returned to us in a beautiful wooden box engraved with her name along with a lovely card and The Rainbow Bridge poem. Thank you Faithful Companion for helping us bring our Molly home with the respect and compassion she deserved! Read more

  • Jessica - Royal Oak, MI

    Thank you to Faithful Companion’s in Royal Oak. I really appreciated the services we received. My father and I took Smokey up there around 10am. Both of us we’re really upset. I can’t remember the guys name that helped us, (i was to upset) but he was very friendly and compassionate.He explained how they give them each a ID number, so the ashes go to the right family. Then they return the ID tag with the ashes. He put Smokey in a little casket with her name on it. He even gave us some time to say our final goodbyes to our beloved Smokey. About 130pm we received a call from Faithful Companions, letting us know Smokey was done and asked if we would be at home in 15 minutes, so they can return the ashes. A friendly guy returned Smokey to us (in less than 15 minutes) and he was also very friendly. He gave us her remains, with a sympathy card. Thank you Faithful Companion. Read more

  • Johnny Miele & Jeffrey Findlay - Clifton, NJ

    I just want to let anyone who has had the unfortunate experience of recently losing a pet know that at Faithful Companion they take great pride in making sure the customer is completely satisfied and are very caring and compassionate to their clients and their deceased pets. This summer of 2014 we had lost three male ferrets over the course of six weeks. I had phoned other pet cremation companies only to be told it would cost several hundred dollars by some unpleasant employees and then I came across Faithful Companion. From the moment I spoke to Paul and staff we were treated with kindness and genuine sincerity. They did an amazing job of putting our fears to rest and were total professionals through the whole experience. I would recommend anyone to Faithful Companion as we were truly satisfied and impressed with the way they run their business. They are polite, dignified and completely compassionate through the entire process. I can say that I’m grateful I came across their website. Not only were our boys cremated and put into beautiful personalized engraved wooden urns, they also included a card of condolence, a lovely rainbow bridge bookmark and, a certificate of death and cremation which was all presented to us in a lovely gift bag. We couldn’t have been more impressed with the way they we and our cremated pets were treated. The facility is completely immaculate and they also show you the inside of the incinerator/crematorium to reveal there is no other previous pet remains. They also give you the option of several different urns and have a room where you can view the process of cremation if you would like. Overall I have to give them a double thumbs up and an A+ for the amazing job they performed for us three times within six weeks. Also I have to add that their pricing is the best in NJ. We will only use Faithful Companion from now on and have recommended them to all of our family and friends with pets. Keep up the good work Paul and the rest of the F.C. staff. Job well done. You guys are angels and its clear you take great pride in your family business. Thanks again. Johnny and Jeff. Read more

  • Kathy - Clifton, NJ

    I would like to say I was happy with the service I received at Faithful Companion its service was outstanding and convenient. I would only ask a little more time be spent on compassion from the time I called I sensed this was about money I was immediately asked how I was going to pay and I said is it ok that I pay when I arrive then I was asked for my credit card over the phone.. Kathy Read more

  • Valerie Lengyel - Royal Oak, MI

    On Monday, July 28, 2014, I toured the Faithful Companion facility to see where my beloved German shepherd, Sieglinde, spent her last moments on earth, (7-23-14). Thank you to Eric for your kindness and compassion. Read more

  • Mary - Northwest Indiana

    The first time I dealt with Faithful Companion was about four years ago. After the sudden onset of a severe illness, I had to put a beloved childhood cat to sleep. I had recently just left the veterinary field, so I knew how most pet cremation companies handled people’s deceased pets- while sparing the details, I will just say that it was unsettling and saddening even for someone who has become accustomed to seeing sick and dying pets on a regular basis. That said, I had just assumed that it was a necessary evil at the time, as most town and state laws forbid burying a pet due to environmental concerns, and I didn’t know that there were any other options. However, I had followed the vet that I used to work for to his new clinic as a client, and they dealt with Faithful Companion, who I had never heard of at the time. I was immediately surprised at how highly my vet and the staff recommended them, but I was still surprised when, upon having performed the cremation for my well-loved kitty, Tom (the owner) called me to give me his condolences. That alone just simply does not happen in the pet cremation business to the best of my knowledge. He was kind, compassionate, and professional, and it was so nice to know that my pet had been treated with the love and respect I felt that she deserved. As of this present writing, I have just lost two more pets, both rats, who were just as close to me as any of the pets I have ever had the good fortune to love and to have been loved by. They were sweet and smart and always made me laugh and I miss them terribly. It was especially hard to say goodbye to them because rats have such short life spans, and once the younger, more sprightly rat, Badger, passed away from an abdominal tumor (which grew so fast, my boyfriend and I didn’t even know it was there until it was too late), the older one, Molly, simply lost her will to live and her health declined rapidly. In both cases, Tom was again amazingly kind, compassionate, and professional. My rats saw a different vet than my regular vet for my cats (as rats are considered exotic pets), and unfortunately, they do not currently do business with Faithful Companion. The initial price I was quoted for cremation services through my exotic vet (and subsequently, several other pet cremation companies as I called around to compare) was completely out of my price range, but Tom gave my boyfriend and I a price that I feel was more than fair and was bordering on charity. We visited his facility in Cedar Lake for both rats, and it was nice to be able to see the process through myself. His facility is clean, well-maintained, and has memorials to the pets that other clients have loved and lost throughout the years. A book of cards, letters, and various means of showing gratitude are proudly and prominently displayed on a table which clients are welcome to look through, and it reminds you that you are not alone in your loss. We elected to wait both times for the cremation to be performed rather than to make Tom drive all the way to deliver their remains to us in Schererville, and he or his nephew (who works for him at the facility) stayed with us the entire time and shared our stories about our girls, asked us questions about their quirks and behavior, and were entirely empathetic. Most people are, at best, clueless, about why one would choose a rat as a pet, and at worst, judgmental, but neither Tom nor his staff was anything like that. Simply put, they understand the bond between a pet and an owner, and they understand the sense of loss one feels when saying goodbye to a friend- furry or otherwise. I am so very grateful to them for all that they have done for us. They are truly the only company out there that will handle your pet with the love and respect that their owners would. Read more

  • Brad - Northwest Indiana

    I am very happy to know that there is a service that takes so much pride in this matter. It was one of the hardest decisions to put down my best friend Majic. The vet that got to know Majic so well could not speak highly enough about Faithful Companions. Even though we did not visit the facility we could tell the care and compassion they have when they brought Majic back home. They do such a wonderful job, from the paw print, to a lock of hair, to the story card. Thank you so much for your service. Read more

  • Marie Elena - Clifton, NJ

    I knew from the first phone call to Paul that I had made the right decision to have my polydactal kitty “Tootsie” cared for by Faithful Companion. The company was highly recommended by my vet after the sudden passing of Tootsie. They picked her up at the vet and I picked her ashes up the next day. I stressed to Paul that I wanted the imprint of her front paw made, and he was happy to do it. Tootsie was a special cat with 8 claws on each front paw. That was so much a part of who she was. “My mitten kitten”. I would highly recommend Faithful Companion to anyone who wants their pet taken care of with the utmost respect and compassion. Read more

  • Jennifer - Royal Oak, MI

    Faithful Companion provided wonderful service during my time of need. The painful process was certainly eased due to the level of professionalism and compassion offered. They were very accommodating, and even let my other dog say goodbye one more time before cremation. Thank you so much. The clay paw print that was made has been a source of comfort. Read more

  • Joe & Nancy Wysocki - Royal Oak, MI

    It’s so wonderful to know a caring and decent crematory where one can bring your “furry friends” to be cremated. Our pet’s remains were delivered to our home in an urn by a compassionate gentleman the very next day. We highly recommend Faithful Companion Cremation Services. Read more

  • linda - Northwest Indiana

    What a wonderful company. They treat your fur baby with such respect! They are so very kind and genuinely cares how the family feels during this time. They picked Maxi up immediately and had her returned to us at a time that was best for us. He even came at night since that was when we were available. She was in a beautiful box and he presented her to us with such care. It made us feel so much better knowing that she was being cared for by such thoughtful people. Thank you for making this hard time a little easier. Read more

  • Julie King - Charlotte, NC

    I just wanted to say how much we appreciate the service we received for our dog Buffy. This company knows that our dogs are our children and treated us with compassion and respect. Read more

  • Dana - Cincinnati/Dayton, OH

    Thank you so much for your fast service, and the lovely engraved box that I was able to pick up the next day. It helps, it really does. Read more

  • Dana - Cincinnati/Dayton, OH

    My sweet Zoey – you were my baby black kitty 18 years ago, and my faithful friend for all those 18 years – and you definitely claimed me as YOUR human. I love you so much, I miss you so much. Sleep well, Zo-zo kitty. Read more

  • Libby Vreeland - Royal Oak, MI

    Wayne, Thank you so Very much for the WONDERFUL work you did on Yzerman’s urn You are fantastic!! it shows how caring you are. Thank you from Yzerman’s entire family. Read more

  • Elaine Butts - Cincinnati/Dayton, OH

    To Rick and to Craig at Faithful Companion Pet Cremation Services located in Sharonville, OH, which was recommended by the Tipp City Veterinary Hospital, were the two nicest, sweetest fellas, and they took such great care in the cremation process of Bailey yesterday. While we waited in their reception area, they sat and talked to us, and they let me and Bill have a beer to toast to Bailey’s life. We got to bring Bailey back home yesterday which made it more comforting for us even though losing her was one of the toughest and worst days of our lives. Thank you so very, very much Rick and Craig! xoxo… :o) :o) :o) :o) Read more

  • Heather Sue - Charlotte, NC

    Thank you for your compassion and patience in our time of grievance. We thank the owner, Phillip, and the two young men that brought our Finnuala home to us, they were very comforting. Read more

  • Allyson & Mark Seymour - Charlotte, NC

    Thank you all for the wonderful care you took of our little man, Jack. Your compassion, your sincerity and your services meant so much to us during one of the hardest times we have ever faced. To Jack – We miss your more than you can possibly know. You brought so much to our lives. You were our world, still are in so many ways. The 13 1/2 years with you were just not enough. You were your Daddy’s best friend and Mommy’s baby…. Jack, you made us a family and we will love your forever. To our sweet little man, our “sunshine and happiness”, wait for us and we will see you at rhe Rainbow Bridge. We love you so much and miss you terribly. Love, Mommy and Daddy Read more

  • Kimberly Mauch - Northwest Indiana

    Today was one of the worst days of my life. But thanks to Tom for helping me plan this for the past week and Jeremy who is extra special and took over. They allowed me to bring Cooper my Harley’s brother to make this easier for him. From the second Jeremy was introduced he gave Cooper a ton of attention and even sat down on the floor with us and played with him. Jeremy stuck with us the whole time and and made me feels as if I’d always know him and we were just at home. And when he left to proceed with the steps of completing the cremation and I pointed out Cooper watching he gave him even more attention, and even let him know he would take good care of his brother. So I wanted to thank you personally Jeremy, for taking care of all of us. It was and is greatly appreciated and you will never be forgotten. Read more

  • Jeanne Blair - Northwest Indiana

    Thanks you so much for the great job you did taking care of our baby girl. You made a very difficult time a little easier, because we knew she was in good hands. Read more

  • Michael & Jody - Charlotte, NC

    Thank you for making this difficult time so special. And please give Gabriel a pet from us he helped us smile during the process. Read more

  • Jim O’Connor - Charlotte, NC

    Thank you for providing an excellent service. Read more

  • libby - Cincinnati/Dayton, OH

    You did an absolute wonderful job! Thank you Read more

  • Carolyn Rogers - Charlotte, NC

    Thank you for the wonderful care you gave our beloved grand dog Shasta. The staff of Faithful Companion in Charlotte is amazing. Your service really helped us during this sad time. Read more

  • Alexa - Clifton, NJ

    I just brought my beloved Chihuahua, Bitster to Faithful Companion. He was hit by a car last night and was killed immediately on impact. Paul was so considerate and caring. I didn’t think I could trust anyone to give my angel a proper send off but Paul made it clear to me without even saying much that I could trust him. He honored all of my wisher, including letting my pup take a toy with him. My 5 year old dog was taken from me too soon and I am devastated beyond imagination. However, I will rest easy knowing that he was handled properly and that he was given 5 years of happiness and love. Thank you Paul for being so caring and compassionate and for understanding what many can’t understand, dog’s are not animals, they are family. You guys are truly amazing. Read more

  • Bob O’Byrne - Clifton, NJ

    They were wonderful, welcoming & compassionate. I could see where my kitty would be prepared and cremated. Very good ending for an unfortunate event. Would recommend to anyone looking for the proper way to say goodbye to their little loved ones. Read more

  • Margaret Schuringa - Northwest Indiana

    Thank you so much for helping my family through this difficult time. We used the Cedar Lake, IN location. Tom was wonderful! We know that our beloved boy was handled with great kindness & respect. Thank you for your help during this difficult time. Read more

  • Michael & Amparo Martinez - Clifton, NJ

    Paul was extremely compassionate, kind and respectful. He really cared about our feelings for our little dog and he was concerned about us. Paul waited for us after hours since my husband and I were coming from the ER…Paul listened to our little dog story and he was very compassionate. We highly recommend Faithful Companion and Paul is the best human being you can have on your side during this heart-breaking experience…. Read more

  • The Shattock Family - Royal Oak, MI

    What a wonderful ending to our heart-breaking experience of losing our furry family member, Popcorn. The amount of compassion and professionalism that was displayed to us during this very difficult transition was AMAZING. Thank you Faithful Companion for a truly peaceful experience. We are grateful. Read more

  • Dawn Morgan - Royal Oak, MI

    Thank you so much for bringing our Floyd back to us in less than 24 hours. Professional, tasteful, kind. Absolutely the best pet cremation service – the peace of mind Faithful Companion provides is priceless. Read more

  • Sally - Charlotte, NC

    Thank you for caring for our beloved dog Casey in such a professional and caring manner. In less than 36 hours Casey was returned to our home by the crematory service. My husband and I felt confident in the care and identity of of his remains and feel that no better after care could exist for human nor animal. Thank you again! Read more

  • Molly Leonard - Cincinnati/Dayton, OH

    If you are looking for compassionate people to treat you with kindness and respect in a time of great heartache, Faithful Companion is the creamation service to use. I have needed their services twice now and can only say that calling them provides solace because the way they treat your pet is exactly the way you want a much-loved family member treated. They really understand how hard it is and what you are going through and do their best to accomodate you. In your grief, this is the place to call. Read more

  • Joel - Clifton, NJ

    I just have to say that Faithful Companion is a fantastic establishment. My 14 yr. old Sheppard passed away last week. As difficult as it was to deal with my “puppy boy” Dante’s passing, Paul and his staff made my day a little bit easier to handle. Paul was so kind, understanding, and patient, I can’t even express with words how comforting it was that my pup was handled with such respect and dignity. The facilities were absolutely spotless, and I was treated with nothing but courtesy. I highly recommend Faithful Companion to anyone who has lost their furry loved one. Thanks again Paul, you’re the best! Read more

  • Dianne - Clifton, NJ

    Once again Faithful Companion has brought comfort as we said goodbye to one of our senior “Kids”. Although blind for the past two years, Alexis had continued to be active up until the last month when she took a hard decline. It was time for her to rest, and I cannot express enough how caring and compassionate everyone was. It is never easy to say goodbye, but I am thankful that my “kids” were cared for and returned home for their resting place. Over the years we have entrusted Elizabeth, Leo, Rusty, and now Alexis to Faithful Companion and each time has been respectful and compassionate. Even though I don’t need all of their services, I know if needed that they will be available with the same quality and care I have known. Read more

  • Mary Latessa - Royal Oak, MI

    The second Daryl was handed back to me I felt a sense of relief. Faithful Companion showed the deepest respect and compassion for Daryl and I and on a horrible snowy day drove to the vet to pick him up. I rec’d a call the very next morning that I could come and get my beloved. They have an exceptional reputation and their staff was so sweet and kind and patient while I grieved in their presence. Thank you for handling my little man Daryl with the gentlest of hands. Read more

  • Aaron & Zikeyyah Miller - Royal Oak, MI

    Thank you for the kindness and compassion you have shown us in this difficult time. It was very comforting to have our Buddy’s remains returned to us so quickly, To have him near us has made his sudden loss a little easier to bear. We appreciate the way you handled our beloved pet with so much dignity, and we will be sure to recommend Faithful Companion to all of our family and friends. Read more

  • Brenda Dismuke - Royal Oak, MI

    Very kind and caring at my time of need.They did a stella rjob with such love and it shows. Read more

  • Yasmin Rivera - Clifton, NJ

    I want to thank faithful companion pet cremation for making me feel so at ease they treated me with the up most respect they made me feel so good about choosing there facility so clean you can tell there compassion for animals is so big they did not rush me they were so helpful I thank you so much for giving me the time to say goodbye to my beloved NIEKO boy aka Pinocchio because nieko thought he was a real boy we loved him so much and had so much closer leaving your faculty thanks a million Paul words can’t explain how good you made me feel also the gentleman that was with u I wish I would gave gotten his name THANK YOU ???? Read more

  • Cathy Berst - Charlotte, NC

    Thank you Faithful Companion for helping my family with a difficult time. My beloved Sunni dog passed away last Sept and last week my daughter’s chinchilla, Daisy, passed away. Faithful Companion helped us with both losses. I know both animals were handled with gentleness and respect. Read more

  • Michelle M Davis - Charlotte, NC

    Thank you so much for helping me when my beloved Lucy died so suddenly. Your compassion for animals is evident and your facility is serene and respectful. I have had several dogs cremated in the past and your caring staff and facility are by far the very best. Craig talked to me during the cremation process and made the experience easier for me. Thank you again, Michelle M. Davis Read more

  • James R Northrup - Charlotte, NC

    We can’t thank the folks at Faithful Companion in Charlotte enough for the caring and thoughtfulness in the handling of our beloved boxer mix, Lucy. To have her home with us the next day gave us the closure we needed at such a time. Everyone one was very kind, considerate, and respectful. They perform a much needed service and, one that is too often overlooked. God Bless them and all they do. Read more

  • Amanda Stawizky - Royal Oak, MI

    Having had used Faithful Companion at my job as a Veterinary Technician, I knew the company was great and had a very good reputation. Last week I lost my baby girl Megan and needed to have her picked up at my home for her to be cremated. I couldn’t be more impressed with how compassionate and professional this company is. Everyone that we dealt with was amazing and truly respected my girl throughout the whole process. I was devastated, but knowing she was in good hands made my heart feel better. She was returned the next day to my home and though I am heartbroken, knowing she was handled with care made everything much easier. I will forever be thankful to Faithful Companions and can continue to recommend them with a happy heart. Read more

  • Ashley G - Royal Oak, MI

    Thank you for helping my family put our beautiful cat to rest and being so kind and humane in your cremation of people’s beloved pets. The sympathy card and story of the rainbow bridge was beautiful. It’s nice to be able to have our cat home with us again, even if it’s not the same. It puts my heart at peace. Thank you for all you do. Read more

  • Andrea & Mike Llauget - Clifton, NJ

    Our 6 year old best friend and buddy Jack passed away after battling cancer for 2 years. We were heartbroken and were embarrassed to make the call to discuss cremation because we were crying so much. After the owner answered the phone and genuniely cared about our situation, I immediately felt at peace and comfortable with our decision. I have never been more impressed with a business. Their compassion, integrity and honesty made the process easier. We were able to order Jack the best possible urn and on the spot, the urn was engraved. Thank you again for helping us in our time of sorrow. Read more

  • Debbie reisman - Clifton, NJ

    Thank you for your compassion. You made a heartbreaking task so much more comforting. Bless all of you. Read more

  • Kathy gibbs - Royal Oak, MI

    My Mabel passed away at 6:00 in the evening on Friday and Faithful Companion had Mabel back to me delivered to my house by them in a very nice urn that they provided as part of the cremation by 10:00 the next morning. I live in Brighton and have a cremation service available to me right down the street and have used them, but they are not compassionate in any way and it takes them over a week to get your pet back to you that you have to pick up from them. I will recommend Faithful Companion to anyone, they were the best. Read more

  • Teddy & Phyllis Wolf - Royal Oak, MI

    I can not thank you all enough for your services you gave us during the death of two of our dogs this year our little Dot in March and our little Snowball yesterday you all are the best so kind and understanding I highly recommend you all to all my friends thank you all again the guy who picked him up and the one who brought him home were so kind to us please say thank you to them God Bless you all Phyllis Wolf Clinton Twp Mich Read more

  • Olga - Clifton, NJ

    My best from for 22 years passed away on November 29th. The day afterThanksgiving my heart was broker into millions of peaces.when I placed that dreadful call I didn’t know what to expect, but Paul was So polite and caring and ther service excellent. Thank you so much for caring for my baby Spanky and for ingraving my Caseys name on her ern.Thank you very much. Read more

  • Rowena - Cincinnati/Dayton, OH

    I am soo pleased with the services Faithful Companion provided. Meredith was so kind and compassionate I could not help but to trust her. I am so grateful. Thank you so much. Read more

  • Kahlani - Clifton, NJ

    My 11 year old dog passed away after battling cancer. We called two places to find out about private cremation services before finding Faithful Companion. Hartsdale Pet Cemetery in NY and Pets Rest in Peace in Secaucus. The guy who answered the phone at Hartsdale was very matter of fact, with no compassion whatsoever. At Pets Rest in Peace, the person’s attempt at compassion sounded forced and disingenuous. Anthony at Faithful Companion, however, was both compassionate and professional and treated us with the utmost respect, listening to our needs and explaining their process. Within a day of her passing, they were able to pick her up and transport her to the crematory. We met them there and were able to say goodbye and waited the 1 1/2 hours until her ashes were ready to bring home. This was exactly what we needed. The facility was clean, private, and professional. Read more

  • Troy VandenBosch - Royal Oak, MI

    I would like to thank everyone at Faithful Companion for their kindess and professionalism. They made a sad event as dignified as it could be, and I will forever appreciate that. Sincerely, Troy VandenBosch, West Bloomfield Read more

  • Jennifer Cutler - Northwest Indiana

    We recently used this service when we had to put our dog, Ceili, to sleep, who was more than a pet but a family member. Tom was very kind and compassionate when meeting us at our vets office. He made this unfortunate event much easier and he returned Ceili to us the next day. I would definitely use their service again. Read more

  • Moira Peterson - Northwest Indiana

    My experience with Faithful Companion was when my mom’s dog had to be put to sleep. It was a very nice and warm experience that was handled very compassionately. I have experienced putting 3 of my dogs down in the past and will definitely use this service when faced with having to do it for my current pets. It was such a better experience than the normal cremation process through many animal hospitals. Read more

  • Georgianna Hutter - Clifton, NJ

    I just lost my beloved Boxer, Lily. We adopted her from a rescue and she was the heart of my heart. Always there to give me unconditional love. My contact with Faithful Companion was kind and compassionate and reassuring. I have Lily’s ashes and it is a comfort. The whole experience was a positive one. Thank you. Read more

  • Mike - Cincinnati/Dayton, OH

    I’m going to remember Loki forever. He was such a kind soul. I will never forget Faitful Companion. Loki came home the next day, And it helped just having him home. I have never experienced such personable and personal service , ever. Loki was treated with such care that I can not ever be thankful for enough. Read more

  • Yolanda - Clifton, NJ

    I want to say thank you to Anthony and Greg for taking care of Lilly. She was a special friend and from the time I called Faithful Companion and spoke to Anthony he was very caring through the entire process. Greg was very patient and understanding and didn’t rush me in my moment of loss. Read more

  • Nancy Burwinkel - Cincinnati/Dayton, OH

    I just lost my beloved kitty Whiskers only a month and a half after I lost my beloved husband Greg of 31 yrs. She was her Daddy’s girl and very elderly and mourned him deeply which brought on her death. Between her Dr. and Faithful Companion I was able to have her soul sent to her Daddy and her remains brought safely home to me in a loving compassionate way. Faithful Companion understood that Whisker’s was not just our cat she was our cherished baby. They worked with me to enable me to have my little girl brought home to me during the most painful time of my life. I cannot Thank them enough. Read more

  • Ashley Kemp - Royal Oak, MI

    My kitty passed away in April and I made the mistake of going through my vet’s pet cremation which sent his remains away and took two weeks for his ashes to be returned to me. It was a painful two weeks and the grieving process started all over again once he was finally home. Our dog, Kash, was diagnosed with lymphoma two months ago at the young age of 4. Over the weekend he took a turn for the worse so we made the impossible decision to put him to sleep. A friend of mine had recommended Faithful Companion’s as professional, compassionate and efficient; they definitely were all of the above. I called the office to make the arrangements for Kash’s body to be picked up from the vet’s office after he was put to sleep. It was the best decision by far, because neither my boyfriend or I would have been physically or emotionally able to transport him ourselves. The experience of euthanizing a loved one is incredibly difficult in and of itself, I couldn’t imagine having to do anything but go home afterwards. From making the initial appointment, to the gentleman who delivered our baby home; nothing but professionalism and compassion from all members of staff. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who is looking to have private cremation for their pets. Read more

  • Gregory Klotz - Royal Oak, MI

    The kindness and professionalism shown by Faithful Companion after the passing of my “Buddy” will never be forgotten….God Bless Read more

  • Cathy Berst - Charlotte, NC

    Thank you to Rick for his professionalism and kind heart as we dealt with the passing of our Sunni dog. You helped make a very difficult day a bit easier. I appreciated your care and concern for us during this time of grief and also how prompt you were to return Sunni to us. Thank you and God bless you. Read more

  • Nancy Germani - Charlotte, NC

    I had to help my sweet little cat, Bella, pass on after a brave fight with cancer on 9/11/13. Less than 24 hours, a lovely woman from Famithful Companion delieverd Bella’s remains to my home. I am so very thankful for their professionalism and kindness during this difficult time. God bless you all! Read more

  • Wes - Clifton, NJ

    Our cat Belle was our constant companion and a loved member of our family. Yesterday, the day before she passed, we searched for options to cremate her, calling a couple places that didn’t bother to pick up or reply to my voicemails. Our local vet was not helpful either unless we chose to euthanize her which was neither necessary nor the way she should have passed if it could be avoided. This morning, shortly after Belle passed, we called Faithful Companions. They were unfailingly professional, caring and patient with us. We dropped her off this morning and her remains were returned to us by the afternoon. We took her to a beautiful, woodsy spot upstate near where she used to live w my wife and spread her ashes. During an emotional time, having that closure was so important, and Faithful Companion helped make that transition smooth, leaving nothing for us to worry about. Special thanks to Kenny who helped us through the entire process from that call at 8 am to when we picked her up in the afternoon. Read more

  • Robbie Board - Royal Oak, MI

    I’ve volunteer with a local pug rescue and have dealt with Faithful Companion for 8yrs. Most recently with my own pug Duke. Always outstanding service at a time when most people are not sure what to do! Compassionate, understanding and professional! Read more

  • Sonja Bristow - Charlotte, NC

    My dear boy, Cypress passed on Aug 26, 2013 after close to 10 years of companionship. He was a great pup and I really appreciate the care and consideration of the Faithful Companion family. Each person I dealt with was kind and sympathetic. I have heard horror stories and I’m so pleased that was not the case for me. This week has been hard enough and their care and concern was a great relief. Read more

  • Stephanie - Royal Oak, MI

    Rest in peace my dear Nellie. I miss you so much and I will miss you everyday of my life. I can’t wait to hold you again one day. I love you so much. Thank you faithful companion for all you do and doing it with respect. Read more

  • Stephanie - Royal Oak, MI

    I had to put my dear kitty to sleep Aug 24, 2013. She was 15 yrs old and had been suffering. I took her to the vet and after she was “gone” they took care of the rest for me. The next day which was a Sunday, two men knocked on my door and they had my kitty’s remains. They were so caring, gentle, understanding, and sympathetic. Thank you so much for giving me peace of mind and for showing my baby respect. Read more

  • Braden Schultz - Charlotte, NC

    I had to put my best friend, Cinnamon, of 10 years to sleep yesterday. The hospital recommended Faithful Companions to me. Everyone I spoke with including the delivery driver was so pleasant and sympathetic of my loss. I am so pleased with my decision to utilize the service they offer. I feel my best friend was treated so very well. I can once again hold my baby even though it’s not the same I know she is with me and was treated with respect. Thank you so much! Read more

  • Betty - Clifton, NJ

    Thank you Anthony for your kind and timely manner in which you helped my family through such a trying time. Read more

  • Dean Sliger - Royal Oak, MI

    I have relied on the services of Faithful Companions twice now, and am so relieved they were there to help. They prompt and efficient service, yet always with compassion. These people ‘get’ it. Read more

  • Sally - Clifton, NJ

    The whole experience was fantastic, professional and handled very well. I appreciate all of the respect that was given to us and to our baby girl Tequila. It made a very difficult time so much easier. Our whole family appreciates it greatly. Thank you Anthony for everything. Sally Read more

  • Michael - Clifton, NJ

    We would like to thank Faithful Companion for their compassion during this time. Kenneth was extremely knowledgeable and helpful during this process. Our conversation put us at ease during the process. Thank you Kenneth and Faithful Companion for your sympathy and kindness. We truly appreciate it. Read more

  • Megan - Clifton, NJ

    I am so very grateful I found Faithful Companion when we needed to make the incredibly painful decision to put my dog Jack to sleep. Jack had been with us for 14 years. Ever since we rescued him he always wanted to be by my side, and I always wanted to be there for him. So it was very important for me to be with him to the very end. Thank you Faithful Companion and most of all Kenny for being so caring, helpful, sympathetic, and compassionate to our family during this difficult and emotional time. Also, thank you for allowing us to be with my first dog through the whole process. It meant so so much to me. Kenny, thank you again for being so understanding and kind while we waited. You made the whole process a calm experience. Cannot thank you enough. Thank you, thank you. Read more

  • Kat - Clifton, NJ

    I lost my best friend who I had for over 14 years. Faithful Companion was there to answer questions and to do the cremation as soon as it happened. I am thankful to have it done immediately and to have him back within an hour- I did not even leave the building. They made everything a lot less stressful during this difficult time. Thank you so much for your services and I will be wearing my cats paw print necklace at my wedding. Read more

  • Napoleon Diaz - Clifton, NJ

    We are very Greatful to have such wonderful and respectable individuals in Kenny and Anthony that took care of our Beloved pet Baca’s cremation. They answered all our questions and were very respectful while being efficient. I will highly recommend Faithful Companion to all my pet owner friends. Kenny and Anthony, Thank you both from the bottom of our hearts in making this difficult time a little easier for us. Sincerely, Napoleon, Belinda, Esme & Lethe Read more

  • Sharon Thompson - Southwest Michigan

    Thank you to Wayne of Faithful Companion for seeing to it that Jenny was taken care of in our time of sorrow. Her cremains were returned to us in a very timely fashion. And the necklace is beautiful. May God Bless and Thank You!!! Read more

  • Barbara - Charlotte, NC

    My husband and I have been lucky enough to share our home with three GIANT breed dogs and two sweet cats. When it was close to the time we knew we were losing our oldest dog to bone cancer, I became concerned with the logistics of transport and cremation of our 153 lb (the smallest of our three) Bueller. Faithful Companion understood our concerns and were patient and caring in answering our questions and meeting our needs. They had discreetly waited while we said good-bye to our boy and waited for us to be ready to let him go. They transported Bueller in a specially designed cardboard casket that was big enough to accommodate our giant boy. No plastic bags. The very next morning, when we received a call that Bueller’s cremains were ready and they were going to deliver them to our home, we opted, at the spur of the moment, to go to their facility instead. Upon our arrival we were offered a tour. Mike and I were extremely impressed with how welcoming, clean and well organized it was. There were no freezers. Every pet was cremated the very same day they arrived and returned to their owners the next day. You can even stay and wait through the process if you wish. Seeing how everything was done for each and every pet, with caring and dignity, helped to make a difficult time for us a little easier. Thank you to the wonderful staff of Faithful Companion in Charlotte, Barbara and Mike Read more

  • Linda Downey - Charlotte, NC

    If you love your pet and want the best right up to the end..then look no further..Faithful Companion is where you want your loving pet. We lost our 4 year old Lab very suddenly. The CVS Animal Emergency Hospital refered us to a cremation company, (it was another cremation facility not Faithful Companion) My daughter and I delivered some of our dogs personal effects to this cremation facility to have them with Molly for cremation. When we arrived at the facility we were in shock. The office was a mess and filthy. The “warehouse” had no air conditioning, was dark and dirty from what we could see. We asked to see Molly one more time and they would not let us see her. We instantly knew this was not where we wanted our Molly to be cremated. This place was disgusting..and I am being kind! I contacted our vet and told them my situation. They recommended us to call Faithful Companion.. They told me they only use Faithful Companion. (our dog did not die at our vet but at the emergency hospital). Philip at Faithful Companion was so understanding and helpful. Philip went to the facility were our Molly had been kept for almost a week, in a plastic bag and in a freezer. Philip transported Molly to his Charlotte NC location. When my daughter and I arrived we were amazed at how nice this facility was. We were given a tour of the facility and it was immaculate! Molly was comfortable in a nice container with a pillow cushion. The first place was a nightmare…then knowing that Molly would be taken care of with dignity and compassion, we knew she was in the right place. How many people leave a pet cremation facility with a smile on their face? We are so sad about losing our Molly, but we can smile knowing that Philip and the staff at Faithful Companion respected our pet. I can not say enough about the professional, caring and clean environment that Faithful Companion offers! Thank you for making this diffucult time earier knowing that Molly was finally in the right place! Thanks Linda, Brianna and Cassidy Read more

  • Dave - Charlotte, NC

    I had heard and read of the horror stories people went through trying to get there dogs cremated however Phillip in charlotte was just short of amazing. He answered any questions we had, allowed us to say our final goodbyes and let us watch him place our beloved fur baby into the chamber. I would def recommend this place to anyone that asks. Phillip thanks for everything during an extremley diffcult time for our family. Read more

  • Ryan McDonald - Clifton, NJ

    I would like to thank you for taking good care of my pet. My mother and I had the awful choice to put down my dog Snoopy on Monday and I’m still taking it hard. Had this little guy for 9 years. I picked up his ashes today at my vet and I have to say its beautiful. The urn and all is amazing. Thank you so much for giving my buddy lots of love and care… Thank you so much! Ryan Read more

  • Lori - Clifton, NJ

    We have told many people about our wonderful experience during a very difficult time. All the little things were incredibly special and meant so much to us. Thank you Anthony and Greg and everyone at Faithful Companion Lori Read more

  • Sam - Clifton, NJ

    I cannot begin to thank you enough Anthony for the dignity and caring you gave me and my beloved cat Tigger. Your presentation, poem and detail to a beloved friend of fifteen years will bless my heart forever” Sam Read more

  • Mandy Holt - Northwest Indiana

    I work for an animal hospital that has been using Faithful Companion for a few years. I have had nothing but good and honest experiences with them creamating clients animals. When it came to my own time to need them they went above and beyond taking care of my best friends. Just knowing that they care just as much as you do about your animals is much more comforting when they have to make that final journey. Thank you for all you have done for me and my family. Read more

  • Gary and Lori Delamarter - Southwest Michigan

    We have used Faithful Companion for our two sweet goldens – we were so fortunate to have a wonderful compassionate vet who came to our home and helped the girls pass peacefully in comfort. He then took them to the funeral home and they were cremated and returned to us in a very dignified, prompt manner. All made much easier for us at a difficult time. Highly recommended…..Thanks from Gary and Lori Delamarter Read more

  • Deborah Grunn - Royal Oak, MI

    I put my memorial in the testimonials.But I wanted to say Thank you to Patrick and Travis who are taking care of our precious boy Brutus,,,we have used them before and they are so kind..I tell everyone who loves their pets like family about how wonderful they treat you and our 4 legged kids..Thank you from the bottom of our hearts…The Grunn Family and Grandma Read more

  • Deborah Grunn - Royal Oak, MI

    Our sweet boy Brutus passed away at home with his family..Friday April 5,2013.Brutus was a stray kitty that we saved from the streets of OKC. He was our friend and family member for 15 or more years,,,we never really knew haw old he was…we will all miss him so much so will his sisters and brothers. We love you forever and always..Rest in peace till we see you in Heaven Brutty….love Mom and Dad and familyxxxooo Read more

  • Don Flowers - Cincinnati/Dayton, OH

    Thank you for the compassion and good service in picking my boy up and delivering his ashes back home. It is a traumatic time and you were really good with it. There is no way to make it easy but you helped. Knowing I could count on you. Thanks again Read more

  • Melissa Morris - Royal Oak, MI

    We lost our precious Golden of 13 years around 1am this morning. Left a message and by 830am today received a very heart warming call. We took our baby in and a service, and by this afternoon brought him home in a beautiful urn. Very warm, understanding staff and will share Faithful Companion to everyone. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking such good care. xoxox Read more

  • Lisa - Clifton, NJ

    I would like to thank the staff at Faithful Companion for helping me with the loss of my cat. Anthony and Ken took such good care of my baby, they treated her with respect and allowed me to grieve and take my girl home the same day. I dont know how you both do this everyday but Im sure happy you were both there for me. Thank You Lisa Read more

  • Kerry Ayer McGregor - Charlotte, NC

    I lost my sweet girl yesterday, I was overwhelmed with grief then I remembered Faithful Companion. This is my second time using them and I would not trust anyone else to handle my beloved’s. The service is wonderful, they completely care about what they do and it shows. I will always recommend Faithful Companion. Thank you so much for everything you have done for me and my family. It is truly a blessing to be able to have my babies home. Read more

  • Nip - Charlotte, NC

    We lost our bet friend after he spent more than 22 years with us. He was one special friend and supporter members of our family. Nip belonged to my Grandfather who passed in 1998. Nippy was very very special and will remain special to me in my heart, forever. Read more

  • Tommy - Clifton, NJ

    We lost our sweet and wonderful Rosie (Rosie Bear) in late September, 2012. She was a 12 1/2 year old cocker spaniel. Faithful Companion was instrumental in helping us cope during the grief process. They were kind and sensitive and demonstrated that they understood the impact that this loss had on our family. Their services were exemplary. Thank you Faithful Companion for your efforts and thank you to our wonderful Rosie Bear. We love you always. Read more

  • Bryan Silvestri - Royal Oak, MI

    Faithful Companion is great! One of my family’s dogs passed away back in August of 2009, and unfortunately I had to put my doggy down in January 5th 2013. Faithful Companion made it a lot better for me, they cared alot, and even delivered my baby back to my house 30 miles away. Even if I loved in California, Faithful Companion would be the only place my pets would go, thank you for everything you provided. Love you guys Read more

  • Dave - Clifton, NJ

    let me start by saying as a pet owner I found Faithful Companion to be the best option available once a pet passes. Our pet Franklin passed at home December and I was told by my local vet to contact Abbey Glenn I called no answer, then I searched the Internet and found Faithful Companion I called and with in 5 minutes Anthony called me back he explained everything to me so I could relay the info to my wife. He was very professional and made me feel very comfortable considering the emotional state my wife and I were in. He said sir Franklin is a member of your family and its ok to grieve, I realized he cares about how my wife and I are feeling. I brought Franklin to Faithful Companion on a Sunday morning Anthony was there waiting he placed our guy into a bedded container and walked us into the viewing room. Anthony let us spend time saying good byes and he listened as we told him all the great things Franklin did while he was with us. I just wanted to say thank you Anthony and everyone at Faithful Companion for providing such a great service to pet owners who know a pet is a member of the family. Read more

  • Danielle - Royal Oak, MI

    Our precious Bella passed on Christmas night this year. She was a very big part of our family, and this has been extremely difficult on all of us. Wayne at Faithful Companion was so sincere, and sympathetic from the moment we walked in until the moment we left. He treated our precious Bella with all the respect she had earned and was most deserving of. We appreciate everything Faithful Companion did not only for us, but our “faithful companion” as well. Read more

  • nisha kirpalani - Clifton, NJ

    My dog fluffy ramesh kirpalani passed away last year in novembe. I just wanted to thank Faithful comp. in Ulster PA. for being to generous to me and my family. Fluffy I luv u and I hope u rest in peace. Read more

  • Ciaramella Family - Clifton, NJ

    Yesterday we went to faithful Companion to cremate our baby, Bella. Upon our arrival we were consumed by uncertainty regarding having Bella cremated. Kenneth Perez, an exceptional employee, was beyond patient and understanding. He explained the process to us and answered all of our questions. Losing our Bella was devastating but comforting staff members like Kenneth made us feel more at ease. We left Faithful Companion with a gorgeous marble engraved urn for Bella and the confidence of knowing our girl was in good hands. We are thankful for choosing Faithful Companion and more importantly for staff like Kenneth. Read more

  • Michele Morin - Clifton, NJ

    Our beloved Shocker was not just a pet to us but a member of our family. This was the hardest decision we have ever had to make when it came time for him to leave us on November 16, 2012. When arriving at Faithful Companion in Clifton, NJ they made us feel comfortable and at ease. Anthony was so professional and understanding about the hard time we were going through during this major loss in our lives. The service was great and we would highly recommend friends and family to use their services in the future. We cannot thank you enough for giving us our Shocker to take back home with us where he belongs. Read more

  • MICHAEL - Clifton, NJ

    I highly recomend the FAITHFUL OMPANION for thier professionalism and patience during an extreemly difficult period for my family , I couldn’t ask for better treatment . Anthony, (Staff) in particular is a pet owner and treated us with s degree of respect and understanding only a pet owner woul have unpretendtiously. THANK YOU .and may God watch over my beloved MAGGIE.You will always be in our Hearts. Read more

  • Marcia - Clifton, NJ

    Thank you so much for taking such good care of my VERY VERY BELOVED DOG CHLOE. Everyone I spoke with at Faithful Companion in Clifton, NJ was so helpful and kind. When it came time for my requested viewing before Chloe’s cremation, Ken was so compassionate and understanding. He also did a great job engraving the beautiful marble container container I chose for Chloe’s remains. I can’t thank you all enough. Read more

  • Christine Kowalski - Clifton, NJ

    Words cannot express my thanks to the staff of Faithful Companion. Especially Anthony who is the most respectful person I have ever spoken to. We lost our Dog Cindy on November 3rd. Unfortunatly we were going through the recovery of hurricane Sandy . We had to wait for the remains because there was no power. It was very hard to wait but was no ones fault. It just took time for the power to come back. We were finally able to take Cindy home on Thursday morning. I want to thank Anthony and the other staff members for being so patient with me and my daughter calling constantly. They were so gracious and kind to us. I would highly recommend them to anyone. Thank you so much Faithful Companion for being there for us. <3 Read more

  • Elke - Clifton, NJ

    Thank you to Faithful Companion in Clifton, NJ for treating my Lucy will the utmost respect and dignity she has always deserved. Nina and Anthony were very professional and compassionate for the resting of my beautiful Lucy. Thank you very much. Read more

  • Mike W - Northwest Indiana

    I just want to say thank you to Tom Groen at faithful companions. When my dog had to be put to sleep it was a hard time for me and he was there to help. He did a great job. When I called he came right over. I appreciate everything he has done and i just want to say thanks again Read more

  • Jessica - Clifton, NJ

    I just wanted to say thank you to Faithful Companion in Clifton. My pet passed at home and I didn’t know what to do so I contacted Oradell animal hospital and they referred you to me with very high praise. Your employee Anthony Erekat came and picked up my big boy Bruno and was so gentle and kind considering what a mess I was. Anthony made me feel very comfortable and he explained the entire procedure to me and even offered to let me witness cremation. I received my big boy Bruno’s Cremains the very next day with an engraved box and a beautiful poem. I hope this helps other pet owners make there decision when having to pick a crematory for there beloved furry family friend. Jessica C Read more

  • Barton Lanker - Cincinnati/Dayton, OH

    My beloved dog Murphy passed away on October 21st, 2012. Faithful companion made the transition so much more bearable, I wanted to send my thanks and gratitude for their services. I will be able to continue on knowing that my Murphy was in good hands during this difficult time. They have made this so much easier for me to handle. I am glad they were there for me and was able to help in every way they could. Thank you again Faithful Companion for being there, I am forever grateful. Read more

  • Cathy - Royal Oak, MI

    These guys are a blessing. We tried to be prepared by getting an urn ahead of time and making arrangements ahead of time. I called them several times to get more and more information.and they were always patient with me. They were compassionate and respectful. I had never gone this far in the process for a pet, but Bobbles was even more special than any pet if that’s even possible. Even though I have had private cremations before, I had never bought an urn. I hope my baby Bobbles is at peace, feels no more pain and is able to frollock with the other kitties for the first time. Watch for me, Bobbles, someday you can greet me and we will truly be together for all eternity. Thank you Faithful Companion for being there for us. Read more

  • Kathleen Whelan - Clifton, NJ

    My Sweet Rottweiler Roxy,She was laid to rest on September 28, 2012.Her amazing Vetrinarian Dr Rybak and incredible staff, were so comforting.When she crossed over, i knew she would be cremated, It was so devastating that i couldnt wrap my head around what was truly involved!!,well let me say this!! For such a difficult time for me, and grieving in such a deep emotional way, i didnt want her to go someplace i wasnt familiar with, when she said the cooraner had been there patiently waiting for over 40 minutes for me i was blown away!! and as i glanced out the window from where my roxy still lay, i saw her!! she was gentle and kind, warm and so understanding, and when i was asked if i would like her Blanket and pillow to be creamated with her??? well, it was just too much caring and understanding in such a hard time , i know it sounds crazy, but i was Happy to know even the cooranor was amazing, and i wasnt in a state to really thank her as well, for helping me with that really tuff transition, It turn out, I know of the owners there in clifton, I used to live in that town and tend church services at their church. and Back then even they were truly Beautiful people. Thank you so much for your nurturing ,kind special staff you have. My Roxys final resting place is A Beautiful Cedar box with her name in a Beautiful Bronze lettering, Thank you for really helping in a nurturing way. We who love our furry friends ,are not just animal owners, we are grieving a loss of a member of our family!! So thank you!!! And Dr Rybak and Barbara, Courtney and the staff i didnt meet, for Bringing our Furry children to your Beautiful facility, Sincerly, Kathleen Whelan(Roxys Mommy) Read more

  • De Roberto Family - Clifton, NJ

    Our beloved cocker spaniel, Rosie died on September 26. As suggested by Oradell Animal Hospital, we sent her to the Marrocco family.where she was treated with the kindness and sensitivity she so deserved. We thank this family for their professionalism and emotional support. Read more

  • Lynlee Wessels D.V.M - Northwest Indiana

    I am the owner of Animal Wellness Center of Monee and have been a practicing veterinarian for over 16 years. I have used many different pet cremation services and by far, Faithful Companion exceeds all of my expectations. This company is dedicated to making this difficult time as peaceful and professional as possible for the pet owner and veterinary staff. Every empolyee is well presented, kind and respectful of the deceased pet. I strongly recommend Faithful Companion to any owner looking for exceptional , compassionate cremation service or any animal hospital looking to upgrade their existing cremation service. Dr. Lynlee Wessels Read more

  • Joe - Clifton, NJ

    I was brought to faithful companion by oradell animal hospital. My dog Titan past away on Friday the 28 th at 7:15 by 1:30 the next I was bringing his ashes home in a beautiful wood box with his name engraved on top. Anthony helped me out with with professionalism and a light hearted attitude which made it a lot easier for me.thank you Read more

  • Ines Dahne - Clifton, NJ

    I lost my cat Paul very suddenly and unexpectedly on Saturday, July 7. Oradell Animal Hospital referred me to you. The person who answered the phone was extremely kind and compassionate. I received a callback within minutes, and your staff took care of Paul. He passed at 1pm, and I had him home the same day (Saturday!) by 5pm. I cannot describe what relief it was for me not having to worry where he was and if he was treated well. I cannot thank you enough for helping me through this very hard day. Read more

  • Kristy & Brian - Charlotte, NC

    Phillip is wonderful to work with and very kind. He treated our Penny with dignity and respect. I would recommend FC to anyone. Thank you so much for the services you provide. Read more

  • Andrew - Clifton, NJ

    Before coming to Clifton, New Jersey’s “Faithful Companion,” I spoke (on two occasions) with Jim Marrocco, the head of the Clifton facility. He was extremely kind and informative, which I appreciated enormously. When I brought my dear cat Rocky to “Faithful Companion,” after his death, I met with Anthony Erekat, who handled the cremation. Anthony was exceptionally kind, understanding, and helpful. The following day, I returned to the facility, to get Rocky’s cremated remains. I was met by Jim Marrocco. He treated me, and the situation (as had Anthony, the day before), with great sensitivity. I cannot begin to say how grateful I am to everyone at Clifton’s “Faithful Companion.” I want to express my deep appreciation to Jim Marrocco and Anthony Erekat—for the professionalism they clearly provide, and for the sense of caring that they extended to me, and to Rocky. –Andrew Read more

  • jeanette luty - Clifton, NJ

    I was dreading having Carlton’s ashes delivered on August 1, 2012, but when Kenny Perez came to my house, that afternoon, I was immediately relieved and comforted. Kenny was extremely understanding. He came in and met my three other cats, Figaro, Gio, and Valentino. We talked about how cats and other animals might deal with the loss of their companions. I did not expect to see Carlton’s name engraved so beautifully on the cover of the box. It was very comforting. At this time, as I am grieving the loss of my precious Maine Coon cat, Carlton, I want to thank Morrocco Funeral Services of Clifton, N.J. and especially Kenny Perez for his very compassionate manner. Sincerely, Jeanette Luty Read more

  • Frank & Kathy Finch

    Your staff responded to our appointment yesterday after we had to say goodbye to our 11 year old Black Labrador Retriever named Dakota. After the vet had left, we were able to spend the time to grieve privately. When the two young men arrived, they were very caring and professional. They were prepared to the extent that they even called our dog by name and petted him gently even though he was gone. We are grieving now with a pain that is indescribable as most pet owners can only know for themselves. But, in the end, we were there with and for Dakota when he made his final few steps here on earth. Having such professional and gentle young men there to take care of the final arrangements brings comfort that will pay emotional dividends for years to come. We thank you for taking such great care of our Dakota. Frank & Kathy Finch Read more

  • The Mentier Family

    The loss of our dear friend, Mr. Arnold, was very difficult. We had to make the unimginable choice to end his suffering. He was only 7 years old, very young for a cat, which made the choice all that much more difficult. When presented the option of having Mr. Arnold back home within 24-48 hours of his passing, there was no question. We had no idea that this was even an option; you are providing such a wonderful service to all those that value their pets as members of their family. Thank you so much for what you do. It gave us peace of mind to know that Mr. Arnold was handled in such a dignified manner. He was such a cool cat and we couldn’t imagine a more honorable way to handle his remains. Thank you so much! The Mentier Family Read more

  • Kelly

    At the worst time in my life when I had no idea what to do I was referred to your services. I lost my Jasmine and was just – lost. The entire experience with your company was not only totally professional but made me feel “better” about the whole thing… I just wanted my girl home. She was back with me by 11:00 the next morning. The caring and understanding of your staff is beyond exceptional. Thank you for taking care of my girl. Kelly Read more

  • Denise Bratcher

    I was fortunate to pick up a brochure about your services the day before my beloved English Springer Spaniel, Mickey, passed away. I knew I wanted him cremated but I had no information on crematories for pets. We weren’t prepared that he was going to leave us that soon, but someone up above was looking over us that we had picked up that brochure. Just knowing that Mickey was so well taken care of helps with the grief process. I have told so many others to be prepared and have mentioned your services to some pet grief groups and to my vet. Not enough words to thank you. Denise Bratcher Read more

  • Kristie

    As a veterinarian, I thought I was prepared for what was going to happen. Smokey was in end-stage renal failure and I thought I had done everything to prepare myself for the eventual end that would have to come. Even so, when it came time to help her cross the Rainbow Bridge, I was not nearly as brave as she was. Afterward, knowing she was in the care of Faithful Companion gave me great comfort… I knew it was my Smokey that came back to me the next day, and once she was home the healing process could begin. Your professional and sensitive staff is amazing. It means so much to know that she was given the utmost respect and care throughout the process. I cannot thank you enough. God bless, Kristie Read more

  • Sandra - Northwest Indiana

    Praise god for these guys and what they do for us and our loved ones. Sandra Read more

  • Sandra - Northwest Indiana

    All i can say about this wounderful place is that i will always remember in my heart is that they took such good care of my beloved dog daisy. I have never felt so sure about letting my loved on be taken care of by someone else i will never use any other place for my loved one i tell everyone i come across that if they ever need to have some one help in there time of need this is the only place to go. You know that they help ease your pain because you know from the second you talk to them you know in your heart they care and will take care of your loved one. Sandra Read more

  • Dominic and Samantha - Clifton, NJ

    I previously wrote about my experience here at Faithful Companion. I could take my pet anywhere. Really Anthony is what makes this place what it is. He really is caring and understanding. There are no words to express how important it is to have the right person handle your pet during this difficult time. Anthony makes Faithful Companion what they are, and that is just amazing. Superior and a step above the rest. Unfortunately, another pet of mine passed. I knew immediately I had to call, Anthony calmed me and told it would be okay, and that he would handle things immediately. Mufasa was a very special cat and though he wasn’t part of our family for a long time he certainly purred his way right into our hearts. Loosing him and in such a tragic way and so unexpectedly was beyond devastating. This process is so unkind, and is it nice to know that when I have to go through it, Anthony will be there. He says things to put you at ease, and treats your pet with such dignity and respect. In this day and age, and especially in this business it is a hard thing to find. I am only lucky to have found Faithful Companion, and they are lucky to have Anthony. As long as he is there, we will be customers for life. The treatment provided for my family during this rough time was exactly what we needed. Kind and gentle and understanding. I accept the reality that all life comes to an end, and and at least I know the final step in that process ends here with Anthony. It is comforting. Thank you again for everything. You have been amazing. Dominic and Samantha Read more

  • Carol Ann Scheiner - Clifton, NJ

    Dear Anthony: I am so very sorry that this letter did not come sooner but it was a very tough holiday season. When I heard my husband calling out Cooler’s name back on that Sunday morning, back in October, I knew something was wrong. We had lost another family memeber. We were still dealing with the loss of our son, Jonnie, back on August 18, 2012 and now all thos emotioms came rushing back again. My son Jonnie and husband John brough Cooper into our home, agaon my wishes, back in 200, (she was not even a year old yet) and she became my “daughter” in no time. Even my oldest son, Casey , was not happy about the new edition but like me, grew to love her. She was always attached to John. Wherever her went…she was right behind him, Jonnie played with her CONSTANLEY. Then John and Jonnie introduced her to hunting. She, being a Hungarian Vizia, took to it with gusto. She was suck a pleasure and a fodsent. When my husband was in a car accident and needed back surgery ..she never left his side. When I would leave for work, she would sit next to him and walk with him whe he tried to get out of bed. She stood by my side when I buried my best friend..my mom. She would lay her head on my lap, as I would cry every day for a month. But when we lost our Jonnie..she changed. She woiuld lie in front of his door and wait for him to come home. She would jump all over the place if she heard firetrucks pass the house…thionking that Johnnie was here. There were days that she would pop her head up and look down the hallway and jump off the couch and her tail would wag and she would get so excited and then sit like a good girl…we knew Jonnie was there. But she still missed jim terribly. She lost the spring in her step and she didn’t want to do anything anymore. Now back to that awful day, October 2nd Mu husband was always my rock and to see him distraught was something i couldn’t handle. Jonnie was his best friend and Cooper helped him get thru each day without him. Now he had lost his faithful companieon and i needed to make it alittle easier for him. That is where YOU COME IN!!! Like a message frm above, I went online to fina a place that would take care of Cooper, IMMEDIATLEY. John did not want her laying somewhere cold over the weekend. I came acrross your website and called..knowing it was Sunday and it was going to be hard. You offered to come out to our house to get her, but my husband wanted to bring her out, wrapped in her favorite blanket (it was Jonnie’s), with her favorite toy, in the back of John’s truck that she just loved sitting in. You met us outside and I knew I made the right choice of brining her here. You were so comforting to us, especially my husband, and made a horrible day, bearable. We brought her to you at 10 o’clock on a Sunday morning and she was back home with us, next to Jonnie, by one in the afternoon. You took the time, away from your family, on a beautiful Sunday morning to take care of “strangers” and that is something I will never ever forget. I talked about you for the following week and mentioned to other “pet” owners that when that time comes, you are the person to call. Fortuately, no one has needed your services but, in time, they will, and I know you will treat them as beautifully as you treated us. I know Jonnie was very happy to get his girl back with him. That’s the one comfort we have. THANK YOU FOR BEING OUR GUADIAN ANGEL!!! Sincerely, Carol Ann Scheiner Read more

  • Victoria M. Testa - Clifton, NJ

    Dear Anthony Erekat: We just waanted to say “Thank You” for your good faith hard work that you and your company did for me Enzo. Even though Enzo is not here anymore. I went to see my vet in Elizabeth, NJ. Dr Tony Tavormina, VIP ANIMAL HOSPITAL, today to pick up Enzo. The Urn box that Enzo’s ashes was in was a very lovely Cherry Mahogany redwood with the gols letters engraved with Enzo F. Testa’s full name on it. This was a vert big shock to me. I was very suprised. This really made my day! I do not have to feel so sad anymore. I am very glad and happy that you put Enzo’s full name on the Urn box. This is one special suprise present that I will never forget. My birthday was Sept. 10, 2011. Enzo is in pictures and in my heart. Enzo was a pain in the neck sometimes, but he knew when something was wrong and he would come on top of my lap. Enzo was not a dog who ever gave out kisses. he knew the difference from right and wrong after almost 4 years old would have beem on Nov. 5, 2011. Enzo loved Italian pizza, especially cheese of anykind, but, it had to be Italian. He knew the difference. i agree with Enzo all the way on this one. When you do your job right. you get a very good recommendations for it. this is one for you records Anthony. When you do your job right, the first time believe me when I tell you. This is the only way to do your job. Thank you very mucg for everything you did. I appreciated how you treated me and Enzo like we were family. This is the way it should be done. This is the only way it should be done. Sincerely yours, Victoria M. Testa Read more

  • The Meier Family - Clifton, NJ

    Our family wants to send our sincere thanks for the private pet cremation services you offer. Last year our beloved cat passed away. We chose to utilize your services not only for private cremation, but for the ability to see him through the process. Thankfully everything was handled quickly, efficiently and in a dignified manner. Our family was given the opportunity to grieve our loss and say goodbye in a private and respectful environment. Recently, we referred a family member who lost their dog and shortly after we lost another pet of our own. We both received the same caring and respectful services as the first time. It is wonderful that you offer this type of service as an option to pet owners and that you truly provide the services that you state. The Meier Family Read more

  • Rafael Cruz and Rebecca Oses - Clifton, NJ

    Dear Anthony (and co workers), We want to send our appreciation and thank you to you and the staff that helped us today w/ the cremation of our family dog, Dulce. Oradel Hospital suggested your services, and we could not be any more happier and relieved that Dulce is now at peace. You took the time to walk us through the process, took us right in, and made us feel comfortable. You respected our privacy as we said our goodbye and you you were sympathetic towards our feelings. Thank You Very Much Faithful Companion will definetley be recommended to others. God Bless Rafael Cruz and Rebecca Oses Read more

  • Leslie Lambert - Royal Oak, MI

    I had to put my beloved dog, Skye, in eternal rest yesterday morning. Warren Woods Veterinary Hospital couldn’t say enough wonderful things about Faithful Companion Pet Cremation Services. I was relieved to know that I would get my baby’s cremains the next day, and that you would deliver them to the vet’s office. Skye is in a beautiful urn, I received a heart-felt card, and a bookmark with the “Rainbow Bridge” poem. I feel so happy bringing her home, and thank your company for putting a smile back on my face! God bless each and every one of you! Leslie Lambert Read more

  • Carol Lovell - Royal Oak, MI

    Its been one year today since we lost our friend Clea. We had her for 19 years and she made us smile and laugh everyday. We have her ashes and her favorite toy with us. I am so grateful for Faithful Companion. You made one of the most difficult days of our lives a bit more bearable. God bless you for your kindness and understanding. Carol Lovell Read more

  • Brad and Sarah Poore - Royal Oak, MI

    Wanted to send a heart fealt thanks to Faithful Companion for bringing our big, sweet, gentle girl Jenna home to us. The young man who dropped her off was very nice and respectful. Thanks to you for making a difficult situation a little better. Brad and Sarah Poore Read more

  • The Highley Family - Charlotte, NC

    The entire Highley family would like to express our sincere gratitude to the staff of Faithful Companions for their gentleness and care of our sweet loving Tyty. Our home feels incredibly empty without him. When Phillip brought him back to our home early the very next day, it was such a comfort having Tytan back with us once again. We shall always miss our Tytan for the love, kisses and laughter he shared with all of us. Thank you, Faithful Companions, for your compassionate understanding. Sincerely, The Highley Family Read more

  • Teresa Reitmeyer and Family - Clifton, NJ

    Dear Jim and Anthony, I do not even know where to begin. There are not enough words to THANK YOU for you kindness and compassion you gave me during my most difficult time in losing my beloved Maxx. It was hard enough to find him lying lifeless next to his sister in the morning but it was also truly comforting to know that you REALLY CARE and that this is not just a business for you. You both went above and beyond what anyone would have done and I promise you I will NEVER forget that! You have a special gift and only speak kind and comforting words. I knew I made the right choice when I switched and took my beloved Maxx out of the vet’s office and turned him over to Anthony. I felt it in my heart that it was the right thing to do. Jim, when you personally delivered him to me the same day a few hours later, you will never know what that did for me. I had my baby boy back and felt somewhat at peace. I have Maxx’s sister who is also sick and when God calls for her, I will not hesitate to call on you to provide the same loving comfort you gave me with my Maxx. Thank you for being my Angel of strength when I needed it most. Sincerely, Teresa Reitmeyer and Family Read more

  • Ralph, Cheryl, Mike, Matt - Clifton, NJ

    Dear Kenny, We want to thank you for being so compassionate & understanding in our time of sorrow. You took such wonderful care of Phoenix as if he was a part of your family as well. You were very friendly and treated us with so much respect. We could never thank you enough for everything you did for us. Sincerely, Ralph, Cheryl, Mike, Matt Read more

  • Barb - Northwest Indiana

    Dear Tom, I want to thank you for taking the time out to listen, care and understand what we have gone through with our fox. You have the compassion and understanding of what we go through when we lose a pet. No matter what type of animal it is, a cat, dog, or even a fox you have the best at heart for the one that is at loss of words. I want to thank you for all of your kind words. It does help. We are all very lucky to have met you. Thank you for taking such wonderful care of Manja. I will always be thankful! Sincerely, Barb Read more

  • Jenny

    Thank you so much for being there when we had to put Sampson down. He was such an important part of our lives and it was a difficult decision for us to make. The fact that you were available at 1:00am just goes to show what kind of service you guys provide – nothing but the best! You should be very proud of your family’s business. Everyone from FCM always comes to our practice with a smile on their face. You guys are always so sincere and professional and it never goes unnoticed. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for helping in our grieving process. You are very sweet and I will always remember your act of kindness. Jenny Read more

  • Judy

    I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your kindness and compassion during my loss of Emma. Your thoughtfulness was above professionalism. You made my extreme and overwhelming loss of my best friend and family to me bearable. The crematory itself was warm and very pleasant yet beautifully efficient. It was a pleasure to meet and know you. You have a gift to make one feel comfortable and genuinely interested in their pain and loss of a beloved companion. My loss of Emma really hit me when I got home, went into the house and had to realize my beloved Emma, my Baby Em was not there meeting me at the door with glee. As I said of my beliefs, I know she is in Pet Heaven happy and healthy with Sassy Lynn. Thank you again for helping me through my loss of Baby Em. Judy Read more

  • Marie

    Today I said goodbye to an old friend and wanted a dignified removal of his remains. Rick as always was very professional and extremely kind. Thank you from all of us at the Birmingham Veterinary Clinic for your prompt, compassionate service. Marie Read more

  • Kathy

    We have not met in person, but you were kind enough to come in and take care of our little dog, Casey, last Sunday. I held her head while she died, but could not find the strength to come to your facility. My husband, Brian, told me that you were very kind, and sat with him and talked. He said that the entire process and you in particular, exceeded his expectations. We both thank you for coming in on Sunday for us. We know that it must be costly to open your facility for one customer, but it was very important that at least one of us be with Casey. We are grateful that we were able to bring her home that same day. Thank you for helping to make a very distressing time for us a little easier to bear. Kathy Read more

  • Lynda

    Thank you will never be enough to say for the kindness you showed towards my little Henry. As you can see, he was a tiny little man but he had a heart bigger than most human beings. When we got him, he was already infested with something, we never found out what. I wasn’t going to run him through a battery of tests to find out. I only had him for about 7 months but it seemed like years. The pain I am going through this week is unbearable but I have no choice but to go forward. My husband was extremely overwhelmed at your kindness and the layout of your facility – it was very relaxing. Lynda Read more

  • Mary

    We had to put our beloved Niko down in April. My husband and I were devasted. You made a terrible time in our lives better. I can’t even find the words to say how we felt. Thank you a million times over for your compassion and patience. I told a friend about how wonderful your family treated our Niko and us. She called you just last month when she had to put her Sandy down. You are wonderful people. It is so important to know that our pets are treated with dignity and respect. Again thank you. Mary Read more

  • Glenn

    On behalf of my family, I wish to express our heartfelt thanks for all you have done during the loss of our beloved boxer Sally. From the first call to Jason, to Tim’s call of sympathy and support, to Rick making the removal – all done with great care and compassion, we are all grateful. Sally passed away doing what she liked best, barking at the rabbits. It was a great comfort knowing she would be treated with dignity and respect. Thanks again. Glenn Read more

  • Susan

    In my grief I felt it important to tell you how grateful we are for the treatment we received from Faithful Companion Memorials. From my tear-filled initial contact with Jason who couldn’t have been nicer. He explained the service to the smallest detail. He was sincere and so understanding about my loss. I asked a special favor of him. I wanted some of my pets fur to keep. He replied, “Certainly, I’d be happy to.” Our Ginger Came home today, she was delivered by a very nice young man dressed as though he just came from a funeral home. He handed her to me and offered his sympathy. He was patient and kind as I showed him a picture of her. After he left I looked inside the little gift bag and there were the locks of fur I’d asked for along with a darling poem on the loss of a pet. The way this difficult time was handled and the timely manner in which it was handled is very much appreciated. I feel secure in the fact that my Ginger was well cared for down to the last detail. I wanted you to know that your much needed service is worth every penny to this grieving family. Again, our sincere thanks. Susan Read more

  • Steve, Joe and Angela

    I just want to thank you for the service you provided for our beautiful dog Max. It was handled with such kindness and respect. Your staff could not have been any better and it was so appreciated. In such a difficult time it was comforting to know that Max was well taken care of at the end of his life. Again, thank you and God Bless. Steve, Joe and Angela Read more

  • Bobby and Linda

    We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the dignified, respectful way you treated our beloved Ebby Neal and ourselves, during a time of great sorrow and need. We will always remember your kindness and caring and your professionalism. May God Bless you. Bobby and Linda Read more

  • Kelly

    How can I find the right words to thank you? I was amazed at the kindness that was expressed to me during my loss. Your staff did not minimize the loss of my pet. And, I was so comforted by the way everything was handled and the personal attention to the details. I am forever in your debt! Kelly Read more

  • Paul and Laura

    I have tried several times to write this note to you but just couldn’t finish it. But I feel the need to thank you for the care and treatment you gave our dog. We had to give our Golden Retriever Valentino the final act of love and let him go. I had a different company before cremate my dogs, never to meet them and only to wonder how they were taken care of. At this difficult time I found comfort in meeting you and seeing how Valentino was taken care of. Our dogs are our family and mean the world to us. I have mentioned to my friends how well we were taken care of by you and the respect Tino was given. Also to have Valentino returned to us so fast, that meant a lot to us to have him back home. When I’m in the area I would like to stop by and visit your facility. Once again. Thank you. Paul and Laura Read more

  • Benn

    My name is Benn. I met you on the 28th day of May. I was there to see Boston before he was cremated. I think it is wonderful service that you are offering. It meant so much to Lorrie and LeRoy to see Boss one last time. It meant a lot to me also. Thank you for helping my friends find some closure for their loved one. It is a wonderful thing that you are doing. Benn Read more

  • Theresa

    Thank you so much for all the time you spent with me. Your understanding with my loss of Cody let my heart know he was in good hands, the right hands. Also allowing me to bring in Cody’s brother, Shiloh’s ashes so they could be put together in one urn is very generous of you and something that means everything to me. They were very close in life, so now they can be together again. Thank you! Theresa Read more

  • Chris Ken Mike Andrew & Amanda (Moe Moe and Schneeker too

    It has been 6 months today since our beloved Mookie passed away. I can’t tell you how comforting it is to have her with us forever, because of you and your family and the wonderful thing you do for families. Only an animal lover could understand what we went through when she passed away. Thank you again for being there for us, even though we didn’t get a chance to meet with any of you face to face. Sincerely, Chris Ken Mike Andrew & Amanda (Moe Moe and Schneeker too) Read more

  • Yvonne Hildebrandt Charlie, Sabrina, and Abby

    I would like to express my graditutde to Tim, his Family, and Staff. My precious Rascals died on Janurary 19, 2009. Battling cancer for 2 years. Rascals was just 4 years old and he brought such joy to our family. Rascals is in a better place, Rainbow Bridge. You and your family made things so much easier. It took one phone call and a Faithful Companionship took care of the rest. We want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, on making things a lot easier to go through this grieving process. Thank you again! Sincerely, Yvonne Hildebrandt Charlie, Sabrina, and Abby Read more

  • Jeannie Pletcher

    I just wanted to express my appreciation for the attention and care given to my cat Boo. Your representative Jim drove Boo’s remains to our house the evening of the snow storms last Saturday. Thank you for helping make a very difficult time a little easier to bear. Jeannie Pletcher Read more

  • Dana Rasmussen

    I said goodbye to my sweet girl Venus January 10, 2009 after 14 years and 7 months of having her in my life. Though it wasn’t easy letting my girl go on to Heaven to be with her sister who passed on in 2007, I was comforted knowing she was in your care. From the moment I contacted Faithful Companion Memorials, I was treated with nothing but respect and compassion. I couldn’t think of a more dignified and beautiful way for my beloved girl’s physical essence to remain with me here while her soul has gone on to Heaven. Thank you for your service, Dana Rasmussen Read more

  • Gordon Stewart and the family of Buster.

    Dear Tim, I would just like to take a momment and thank you and your son’s for the kindness you showed for me and my dog Buster he was a 95lb Black Lab. He became ill the day after Chistmas 08, i gave him a couple of day’s in hopes he whould pull out of it but on New Years Eve it was apparent he was getting worse I took him to Affiliated Veterinary Emergency Service in Southgate Mich.There assessment was that he was suffering from Regenerative Amemia and his liver was failing. I could not afford the treatment that they recommened so i had to let him go.I opted for the Group Cremation.The next day on 1-2-09 i called your office to find out what plot he whould burried at Pet Momorial Park,I talked to one of your sons and he said he would call me at the end of the mounth and let me know. I no sooner hung up with him and you called me back offering a individual cremation at no cost this really touch my heart on 1-3-09 Buster was back home with us.I want to thank you again from the bottom of my heart. May God Bless You And Keep You. Gordon Stewart and the family of Buster. Read more

  • Carolyn

    Dear Tim, My dog, Buster, was cremated at your facility on Monday, October 20. The kindness, respect, and professionalism you, your sons (especially Rick), and your entire staff extended to me, my cousin, Jan, and my sweet boy were far beyond my expectations. The efficiency with which everything was orchestrated and the way I saw your staff handling the boxes in the holding area gave me immense comfort. I am confident that even if I hadn’t stayed to witness, Buster would have been given his due respect. When I go over the events of that day, one of the few comforting thoughts I have is that Buster’s life didn’t’ come down to the fact that he weighed 13. 6 lbs. I know he was treated with the same care as the field mouse you told us about or as if he had been a former Westminster Kennel Club Champion; and that’s’ the way it should have been. He meant the world to me in the same way I know those animals would to their owners. He kept me from being lonely and his very presence calmed me when things went bump in the night. I have told so many people about the positive experience I had at your facility and the tremendous sense of closure it gave me. I’m so grateful to still have Buster with me in some small way and to have something tangible to focus on when I tell him how much I miss him. I wish I knew for sure where Buster’s spirit is now, but even if he’s just a memory in my heart and mind it’s reassuring to know that I was able to thank him for his 13 years of faithful companionship by staying with him throughout his final journey. I’ll probably require your services again someday for another beloved pet I will acquire in the not-too-distant future; but at least the trepidation of the process won’t be there. And one day it will be me delivered to your facility in a wooden box. But my mind is at ease because I know now that I also will be treated with dignity and respect; and for that, there are just no words to express my gratitude. Sincerely, Carolyn Read more

  • The Johnsons

    I wanted to share with others the gratitude we have for Faithful Companion. Their professionalism and sincerity pours out of all their correspondence, whether it is their well written brochure that is returned with the pet (in our case, it was our Baby Buffy), the packaging, or the sympathy card that is written by the Staff. Although our family did not have direct contact with Faithful Companion after the passing of our 18 year Cocker, we still felt the compassion from them. I emailed them last night to thank them for the fast return of our “girl”, not expecting a quick reply. Within ½ hour we received a personal message from Jason Santeiu. We are still hurting badly, and this may seem strange to some, and it is hard explain, but your Company has some how helped us a bit through this loss. I highly recommend them, should their services be needed for those reading these testimonials. And, I hope it is later, then sooner. The Johnsons Read more

  • Christopher & Tina Engel

    Thank you so much for helping us in our moment of need with the passing of our beloved Rocky dog, you all have a great big heart and understanding of the loss of a most beloved pet. Thank you and it’s great that you all care as deeply as you do. Thank you, Christopher & Tina Engel Read more

  • Brian D

    My aching heart was broken when my Bina slipped away. In that moment, fighting the tears while trying to comprehend how this little angel’s heart was too big, and now was killing her. In my arms she had her last breath, her heart stopped and as quickly as she entered our lives she was gone. When I talked to Charlie @ FCM the next day, I somehow felt better. I think it was the kindness he showed and his sensitivity to our loss. After meeting Charlie, Kevin and some of the other Santeiu’s, I was really touched at how they treated us like friends. Thanks again guys for everything and Charlie for bringing our girl home again. It means the world to me to see and experience the kindness of others. Brian D Read more

  • Laura & Tom

    Both Tom and I want to thank you all for your help regarding the cremation of our dogs, Pudder and Molly. Your gentle, caring way was and continues to be very comforting to both of us. The fact that their remains were returned home so quickly will help us heal from this tragedy in our lives. The services you offer are a tremendous comfort to us. Be assured that we’ll share our experience with all that we know. Again, thank you and continue with your special work. Laura & Tom Read more

  • Cerine Mazzola

    It was very hard for me and my family to lose Puddles. He was our baby and wewill miss him very much and nothing anyone can say will make me ever feel better about losing him. The care and professionalism that was expressed to me was wonderful from faithful companions. They were very kind and brought him back to us very fast and it made me feel good that he was taken care of with such respect, and how they got him home quickly. They delivered him around 8:30 at night and I thought that showed great character of this company. Thank You, for making this process easier on me and my family. Cerine Mazzola Read more

  • Bill and Toni

    While nothing will console my family and I relative to the loss our deeply loved and beloved Golden Retriever, Duke, words fail to express the immeasurable comfort you afforded us through the devoted, caring, and compassionate attention you provided to our ‘Bunny’. Outside of truly believing that we will one day be reunited with Duke, our greatest comfort in all of this has come from the same-day, respectful treatment and handling he received following his death. Knowing that he was cared for in such a dignified and caring manner, and having him returned to his home within 24 hours of leaving us is the only thing that has made our overwhelming pain and loss bearable. I don’t know what we would have done without Jason during this process. He responded quickly to our needs, despite that it was on a Saturday and was understanding, patient and supportive throughout the arrangement process. When he returned our precious ‘Bunny’ to us on Saturday evening, Jason was extremely professional and expressed a genuine sympathy for our loss. His warmth and compassion will not be forgotten. Jason and FCM, thank you beyond measure for your compassionate kindness to our Faithful Companion – it genuinely means more than you can know. Bill and Toni Read more

  • David and Lynn

    You have no reason to know or remember us, or our ” ALEX “, but we will never forget you! Some people call them ” pets “, but ” ALEX ” was our friend, and your help, kindness, and compassion after our loss of that friend was evident, and greatly appreciated, even at long distance, and over the phone. We don’t want to ramble on, we just wanted to let you know that even though we grieve over our lost friend, you and your staff have impressed us, and to say THANK YOU. David and Lynn Read more

  • Carol and Doug

    I finally got around to sending you this thank you that is meant from the bottom of my broken heart. Your staff treated my best friend “Brody” along with my husband and myself with the most professional and caring support that I can’t let go unnoticed. I thank you ever so much for all your understand and gentle care you gave to us. I feel so blessed that we were able to find out about your business through going to the Detroit Dog Show. You made us feel like we were very important to you, asked repeatedly if we needed anything. I was so happy that your staff let us stay and watch our Brody go through the process and come home with us afterwards. I feel grateful that I never left my best friend’s side. And I have you to thank for that peace of mind. Thank you ever so much. Carol and Doug Read more

  • L. Vereeke

    Recently, my sister’s dog tragically passed away. As our whole family was saddened by the news it brought back all my memories of my Bunito Boo (Rabbit) who passed away at 1 yrs old about 1 1/2 yrs ago. I was so upset I couldn’t even function. At that time my vet advised me about your services and at first I was not sure, but after talking to the owner and son, I was confident that this was what I wanted to do. You made me feel so comfortable about my decision and just knowing he would be back with me was a comfort. I am not sure if I ever thanked you for your professionism and understanding. I refer all of my family and friends to you and will continue to, because of the wonderful service you provided for me. Best Regards, L. Vereeke Read more

  • Laura & Tom Shaw

    We cannot begin to express our gratitude to the entire Santeiu family for their professionalism, but more importantly their love when it came time for our two dogs, Pudder & Molly, to cross the Rainbow Bridge. Knowing they were in the hands of such loving people made the loss of them a little easier to handle. When they were brought back to us, we knew they were together forever. Love and Thank You, Laura & Tom Shaw Read more

  • Margaret Henrikowski-Long

    I had no idea that you were part of the same funeral services that my family has used for all of our losses in the past. You take such great care whether it’s a human family member or a family pet. Thank you for the care in my time of need… Thank you Santieu family, Margaret Henrikowski-Long Read more

  • Steve Deitch & Jack Russell Deitch

    I want to sincerely thank the whole family at Faithful Companion. When I had to have Jack put down I had no place to turn to help me keep my beloved friend in the manner I needed. They went above and beyond what they needed to do to help my boy move from this world to the next. I will never forget what Kevin, Joe, and the whole family did to help me in my time of need. I will always be in your debt and will never refuse to help you in any way. Steve Deitch & Jack Russell Deitch Read more

  • The Wades

    My whole family would like to say thank you so much for all the help and kindness you gave when we lost our wonderful pet, Romeo. It had been a very tough couple of days, and your family put us all at ease with wonderful care for our beloved pet, the kindness you all showed, and the comfort of knowing he was cared for by such wonderful people like your family. Thank you all from our hearts and may God bless you all for taking care with our loved one, and our family, during our time of need. The Wades Read more

  • Ronald Draggich-Leblanc

    Thank you so much for making a very difficult and sad time for us a little bit easier. Our little “Monique” passed away on August 28, 2009 and your services were very much appreciated. Your kindness and professionalism were outstanding. Monique’s urn is beautiful and she would certainly approve…. Thank you again, Ronald Draggich-Leblanc Read more

  • Sally, Terry and JD Wade

    My family once again would like to thank all of you at Faithful Companion for all your help with our beloved Muffin. The last couple of weeks have been so hard on our family, having lost one pet and now our little girl Muffin. We are grateful to know we have a place we can go where they take the most wonderful care of our pets, and understand the pain we all go through in our time of need. Thank you for all your help and guidance through this tough time, and bless all of your family for helping us through this. Sally, Terry and JD Wade Read more

  • Lois & Jim Zakem

    I would like to say Thank you, for your wonderful professional manner. It was a very trying week when our dear Buster passed on to see the rainbow. I only hope that anyone whom has a companion who passes on will be entrusted to you. Thank you, so very much. Lois & Jim Zakem Read more

  • Lynda Rivera

    Words will never be enough to express my feelings and gratefulness about how my mouse Harriett was taken care of by Kevin and by Faithful Companion Services overall. Jason treats you like you are the only person on this earth and I felt the same way after bring Harriett in and dealing with Kevin. He was so kind to me and comforted me as I sat there holding her and crying my eyes out. He walked me all the way through every step he was taking to ensure I knew what he was doing. I highly, highly recommend their services to anyone who has a faithful friend that they want to have cremated. Their kindness surpasses anything I have ever encountered in the loss of an animal. Lynda Rivera Read more

  • Ann Lucas-Golembiewski & Family

    Thank you so much for caring about our animals/family members in the manner you do! Putting my dog “Kitty” down August 7th, 2009, was so hard. She was only 8, but the needed medication destroyed her body. Knowing she was going to be cared for by Faithful Companion gave me such tremendous comfort. She is still with me not only as ashes but in my heart and at the rainbow bridge waiting. Thank you for all you do to help families deal with this difficult task. Dog spelled backwards is God and that they are “Gifts from God” and so is your Family. Thank you! Ann Lucas-Golembiewski & Family Read more

  • Dan Y and family

    Thank you Faithful Companion for handling arrangements for our dog, Isaac. Your staff was caring and compassionate. They really helped us get through the process. We felt at ease from the first phone call. We would especially like to thank Michael, who picked up Isaac from our home. Our vet was running late getting to our house and Michael was very kind and patient. He gave us plenty of time and space to say our goodbyes once Isaac was put to rest. Jason was very nice to us also over the phone. And I’m sorry I can’t remember the guys name who dropped the remains off, but he too was kind and caring. We would recommend you to anyone needing pet cremation services… thank you again for everything. God Bless you all. Dan Y and family Read more

  • The Tweedy Family

    We just want to thank you for your care, compassion, and assistance with our beloved dog’s final arrangements. It does not surprise us that you provide this special service. It gives us comfort to know that the people who cared for both of our fathers when they passed also cared for our precious canine daughter. It was especially helpful that you returned her so quickly and the person who brought her back was very kind. Thank you, The Tweedy Family Read more

  • Paul and Kathy B. (Toledo, Ohio)

    We wish to express our gratitude to your Family for the service you provided us with the loss of our dear Amber. We find it strange by the way we learned of the dignity you bring to pets who have spent their lives bringing their owners peace, friendship and tranquility. We met at the Cobo Dog Show last winter. We were drawn to your booth for a reason I cannot give you. The young man we spoke with was professional and kind. At the time our Amber had Cushings disease which she developed at age six, and she lived to be eight and half. Her body was ravaged by the chemotherapy, and was failing. My wife and I felt a calming relief by speaking with the gentleman. We knew Amber did not have much longer, and he offered us a way to return to Amber a dignified manner in which to be sent on when she passed. As a teenager I worked at a veterinary clinic, and now that I am in my 62nd year remember the manner and horror of the disposal of people’s beloved pets. Your family offers a manner in which you give us comfort in the way that Amber left us. The young man, Kip, who came to take Amber, and Michael, who brought her back to her home, were wonderful and kind. They were willing to spend time with us, gave us time to say goodbye, and understood how difficult it can be. Non-pet owners will never understand what we, as pet lovers, lose when a dear family member who has given their unconditional love, attention, and companionship to their family every day of their lives, and then they are gone forever. Your Family gives us the manner and way to honor them in their death. There is no joy, but there is a peace you have brought to our home. Thank you again for all you do, and may God bless you all as you continue your work of helping others. Paul and Kathy B. (Toledo, Ohio) Read more

  • The Gicopoulos Family

    Our family would like to thank you for bringing us some peace at such a sad time in our lives. Our beautiful Baxter left us on November 12, 2009 and we were able to have a small sense of relief to know that he would be treated with such kindness in his passing. He was returned to us so quickly and we would recommend your services to anyone who has a Faithful Companion that they want to have creamated. We have a sense of closure that we otherwise would not have had if we did not have your service as an option. Thank you again for your kindness. The Gicopoulos Family Read more

  • The Thorntons

    We are so thankful for your staff’s kindness. You are such wonderful, amazing people. My piggy, Zen was returned to us quickly and with a very loving poem; I feel that is where he is right now – the Rainbow Bridge. You gave me some closure knowing that he was well taken care of. I would tell others of your kindness, and how your staff was so warm and understanding. Thank you so much, its hard to lose a faithful companion, and we all know that when it comes to situations like these, we want someone we can trust. I can say I trust your company and staff to the fullest. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. The Thorntons Read more

  • The Halter Family

    We would like to thank Faithful Companion for their wonderful services. Our baby boy Hans left us yesterday (November 27th) after a battle of severe arthritis complicated with his SARDS disease diagnosed 8/11/09. He was returned to us this afternoon and now we have a sense of closure, thanks to Faithful Companion. The Halter Family Read more

  • Derrick, Lori and Jenna Drumm

    I cannot thank your staff enough for the wonderful, caring service we received. We were treated with the utmost compassion and having Dexter home with us so quickly after he passed has made a huge difference in our healing process. Dexter was a wonderful dog and he truly deserved to be treated with the respect that he received from Faithful Companion. Your kindness will never be forgotten. Many Thanks, Derrick, Lori and Jenna Drumm Read more

  • Maria Cebreco

    I am so very grateful and would like to send a very special thank you to the Santeiu family and especially to Wayne & John, who responded compassionately and quickly during my time of need. They provided a caring, respectful and gentle service when they picked-up my beloved baby Tony, last night and when they returned his remains to me today. I cried the entire morning, but peace washed over me, as soon as his urn was placed in my hands. His urn sits on my desk alongside a small toy, “Paws with a Cause” stuff black lab that looks just like my Tony. I want to say, THANK YOU SO MUCH TO FAITHFUL COMPANION FOR WHAT THEY DID FOR US. I will forever be thankful!!!!!! Maria Cebreco Read more

  • Nikki

    I want to say thank you for the professionalism that was shown, the compassion and the overall handling of my friend and family member Trucker. Through my grief and tears you shock my hand, told me how sorry you where for our families loss. You had him back to us in a day to my door, which we are grateful for as inn our greif we couldnt have driven to get him. The memorial page went up promptly and our Trucker will be never lost or forgotten. Thank you for being respectful of us and my Trucker. Nikki Read more

  • Charlene

    Dear Anthony, Where do I start…Words con’t express what respect and disnity you showed my COAL. I couldn’t have asked for more, this was such a difficult time for me and how you and Joe took care of him at the end meant the world to me…I have posted a memorial on Rainbow Bridge thanks to you, I never knew of this and it gives me peace to know he will never be forgotten. He was truly the love of my life and I will have him with me forever thanks to Faithful Companion and you! You have a gift Anthony and I thank you for being there for me, we will never forget your kindness and compassion. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do, but you brought me such comfort and respect. I will be forever grateful… Charlene Read more

  • Karin Caron

    We lost our Nala at 11 yrs old, unexpectedly. Knowing that I could be with her right til the very end was such a blessing and a comfort. I want to thank Charlie to being there for us on a rainy, Saturday night… it felt very special and very personal to be able to handle everything the way we did. With Sincere Appreciation, Karin Caron Read more

  • Frank Lucas

    Thank you so much for all of your compassion and dedication. You helped me honor Puddin who was my best friend and that means a lot to me. Thanks Again. Frank Lucas Read more

  • Barb Kostanko

    Thank you for the compassion you showed when I had to “put down” my 14-year-old English Setter, Beau. Although it was necessary, I was very depressed, but my heart leaped when I received your phone call the very same day telling me someone could bring his cremated remains to me the very next day. Just knowing that he was so quickly taken care of made me feel better. Beau was my buddy and pal for a long time and the respect you gave him and I will stay with me forever. Thanks again. Barb Kostanko Read more

  • David LeMeur Happy Paws Daycare and Kennel

    Thank you for returning my dear Boulud to me so quickly. The urn is beautiful – elegant enough for my desk but warm and nicely carved enough to compliment my memories of my dear Miniature Schnauzer. I didn’t plan on my best friend leaving so soon – your professionalism and almost instant reaction time saved me from diverting my attention from my dog in the last few minutes of life. The fact that you were prepared to return Boulud’s ashes the very next day was nice. She was my fifth Schnauzer and I have never had such excellent service before. Thank you very, very much. David LeMeur Happy Paws Daycare and Kennel Read more

  • Erin Baum

    On April 27, 2010, our little baby boy Owen passed away. He was a sweet kitten and will ber missed by our whole family. When he passed, the staff at Faithful Companion were very helpful. A man named Shawn greeted us when we got thee and he was very kind and helpful when we felt our worst. Thank you so much for your kindess. I felt that Owen was safe in your hands until he was returned. Erin Baum Read more

  • Lindsey Roe

    Thank you so much for taking care of my best friend! It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. You had never met me or Scout but you thoughtfully sent his paw print, a very sweet card and the rainbow bridge poem, and I thank you for that! it really means a lot to me! Thank you for reuniting me with my best friend again. I cannot thank you enough. Lindsey Roe Read more

  • Shannon Toner & Family

    I had to make a decision yesterday for my dearest friend of 17 years. I felt every emotion – up and down, up and down. I sit here the day after with Callie’s remains and feel a sense of peace inside. I felt a sigh of relief when I recieved her remains, a heartfelt card and a lovely poem that I take solice in, all provided by people whom I have never met nor have ever met my closest companion, but they treated her and me with complete respect and compassion. It was so comforting to know that the Santeiu family had everything under control and had Callie in their hearts and minds during this period of her time here on earth. I cannot thank the Santeiu family more from my heart and soul, thank you. Shannon Toner & Family Read more

  • Charlotte Smith

    It was the hardest decision I ever had to make in putting my beloved dog, Buffy, down. She was 14 years old and had led a very happy life. I chose to have her cremated. My vet recommended Faithful Companion. I couldn’t have been more pleased with how the cared for Buffy, in death, as she was cared for in life. She was returned to me in less than 24 hours. The care and compassion that the Santeiu family showed to my pet, in my time of sorrow, gave me great comfort. Thanks for making this difficult time a little easier. Charlotte Smith Read more

  • Julie & Noal McDonald

    We are so grateful to Faithful Companion for their care and consideration in assisting us with arrangements for our beloved cat,Cosette. She left us unexpectedly on the 7th day of treatment for an infection. My husband and I were unprepared and devastated. We would also like to thank John(who picked up Cosette from our home,and brought her back to us the next day)for his kindness and professionalism – it was a great comfort knowing Cosette was in good care. Thank you again for everything – Faithful Companion has made a heartbreaking time better for us. Julie & Noal McDonald Read more

  • Eric Moore

    It was comforting to so quickly have Kiki back home where she belonged. She was a good cat that deserved the dignity and respect afforded her by the Santeiu family. My sincere thanks. Eric Moore Read more

  • The Miller Family

    Our Two St. Bernards were our family. The Santeiu family showed such compassion at two devestating moments in our lives.One being so unexpected,on the weekend and after vet hours.They arrived promptly in our moment of helplessness. So when the time came for our other St. Bernard, we knew, they would arrive with respect,compassion and treat her with the dignity, we felt as a family, she deserved.We didn’t want her to remember her last ride in the Truck to be to the vets. Because of their services we didn’t have to. Thank you for giving my kids a golden bed!!! The Miller Family Read more

  • Scott MacEwan

    I have had some really unfortunate luck with my two cats, Aspen and Cajun over the past four months. These two were brother and sister and were together everyday for the past eight years….they were amazing pets and I could not have asked for anything more in my life as a pet owner. Unfortunately, Aspen lost his battle with diabetes in August and just last week Cajun was diagnosed with total and complete kidney failure!!! My point I would like to state is that Phillip Santeiu and his company, Faithful Companion were there for both occasions and took such incredible care of both of my cats… the process was smooth and flawless, not to mention quick!!!! My goodness, I had them back within a day!!!!! To me that was a comfort to have them both back and I could not thank Phillip enough for his compassion and professionalism! Once again, Phillip, thank you for your help…..you made it a little less painful and I am grateful. Scott MacEwan Read more

  • Chris Simmons

    I would like to thank Phillip for his kindness. Molly passed away early Christmas morning 2009 and I was able to have her cremated within hours and waited. I highly recommend Faithful Companion because they show you the areas and explain the process in detail. Phillip’s kind words put me at ease and I was taking Molly back home within hours. If you want a personal experience with your beloved pet, as I did, then I would choose them. Words cannot thank them enough. Chris Simmons Read more

  • Ann Lucas-Golembiewski & Family

    Thank you so much for caring about our animals/family members in the manner you do! Putting my dog “Kitty” down August 7th, 2009, was so hard. She was only 8, but the needed medication destroyed her body. Knowing she was going to be cared for by Faithful Companion gave me such Tremendous comfort. She is still with me not only as ashes but in my heart and at the Rainbow Bridge waiting. Thank you for all you do to help families deal with this difficult task. Dog spelled backwards is God and that they are “Gifts from God” and so is your Family. Thank you! Ann Lucas-Golembiewski & Family Read more

  • Lawrence Dick

    I lost my beloved cat, Tucker, on December 20, 2009. Faithful Companion was more than attentive to my needs and wants. As a pet owner for a long time, I was impressed how much care and respect was given to me as well as Tucker. Faithful Companion was very compassionate throughout the whole process. Thank you, you made this situation a lot more easy to deal with. Sincerely, Lawrence Dick Read more

  • The Lamberts

    You will never know how much you and your family’s service has helped us throughout the decision making of our 12 yr old cat (Kado) and his passing, we never heard of an animal getting cremated and their ashes returned to their owners before, but are we glad we found “Faithful Companion”, and we our glad we chose cremation. Kado was our first furry friend that we’ve lost, you helped us to be able to keep him close in spirit with the returns of his ashes in an urn. It sits on my bedside stand, sometimes I take him in the living room with us, we couldn’t have done it a better way. It gives us comfort knowing that the six animals that we have left will be cared for just as well as Kado was. May God bless you and your family. The Lamberts Read more

  • Evelyn & Frank Leone

    Thank you for the compassion you showed us at a very difficult time as we had to say good-bye to our beloved 15 year old cat Zak. You made an awful time in our lives more bearable. The quick service you provided is wonderful and we were glad to have Zak back with us the same day. He was a great cat and Anthony treated him with respect like he was his own cat, and that mattered to us big time. The service you provide to grieving pet owners is wonderful and will never be forgotton. Thanks again, Evelyn & Frank Leone Read more

  • derek milobar

    wayne, i just cant thank you enough for all your help, your sincere kindness and sympathy and your proffessionalism. yoiu will never know how much i am indebted to you for finding my mandy after yoiur services picked her up from the emergency clinic in allen park. when mandy died i just assumed since its illegal to bury pets in your yards anymore that i couldnt take her body with me after she was put to rest. at first i declined having her ashes returned to me because there was a mixup with my mothers ashes when she died and we can never be sure its her buried in the cemetary, so i didnt have much trust in the process at the time mandy died. i was in a nitemare, a fog, it had happened all so fast. i cried all nite and in the morning i tried getting ahold of the emergency clinic to see if it was too late to bring mandys ashes home. they were closed. i called my vet and asked if they thought it might be too late and they were able to get ahold of someone to verify your crematory had picked up her remains. they contacted you and explained my change of heart. i know you could very easily have said yes without even looking, but instead i got a call from you saying you had mandy. you have no idea how much that means to me, your compassion and time to look for her. i will forever be greatful that you allowed me to privately view mandy and to pet and kiss her one last time and tell her i loved her. you went far above and beyond in allowing me to witness the cremation to put my mind at ease that the urn would certainly have her ashes in it. i have her home with me now forever, i placed her urn in bed with me one last time and this morning i walked her route with it that we took walks on, one last time. wayne, i have you to thank for all of this, i work in the service industry and i know how easily it could have been for you to just say “no we dont have her” but you didnt, you took the time to look and find her and without knowing my circumstances you helped me bring her home forever. wayne if there is anything i can ever do to be of any assistance to you please dont hesitate to ask. i am forever grateful to you, always. derek milobar Read more

  • Pat Chevalier

    Again like all your other testimonies I thank the vets at Krause for helping us for the last couple of days that we had with our Sammy…he was raised with our 2 daughters and now 2 grandaughters…I thank you for helping us bring him back home where he always loved being…He had 5 acres of a well taken yard and walkes out back in the woods…Again thanks for helping us..I will recover..I know I will… Pat Chevalier Read more

  • Lori Pletenik

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU & ACK ACK ACK ACK from Pokey the Prince (cherry head conure parrot) Jim & Kristen made the worst day of my life the most comforting… Lori Pletenik Read more

  • Lenka and Marcus Olivier - Clifton, NJ

    It happened on October 17th, when our beloved golden retriever, Ziggy, died, 3 days before his 16th birthday. We all felt that it was coming… the Saturday prior he came to me wanting to cuddle up in a strange, nervous way like he was asking for a permission to go. I was sitting on the floor and lift him up in my arms and rocked him like a mommy rocks her baby. He was so frail that he completely fit into my arms. I cried whispering into his ear that it’s is OK to go. Sunday his eyes were grey like a fire has come out and on Monday he passed away. Even though we were all feeling that the inevitable was coming, one is never quite prepared for the death of a loved one. I was devastated and so was my son that spent his entire life with Zig. So we were so grateful for a Faithful Companion, and the way they handled our emergency. It happened at 5 pm and within couple of hours they arrived in our house, lifted my baby into a large white carton coffin and transported him to the crematorium while us and our friends and Ziggy’s sitter followed. We were alone in the cremation room decorated with murals of doggie heaven and display of beautiful urns and stones waiting for Ziggy’s body to turn to ashes. After 2 hours we were given a polished wooden box engraved with Ziggy’s name, imagine they managed to engrave while we were waiting. Thank you, Faithful Companion, for the impeccable service, special atmosphere and care you have given us during such difficult family times. You surpassed all my expectations. Lenka and Marcus Olivier Read more

  • Melina Ruiz

    My Turu, She was only 6 months old when she came to my life, and now 12 years later she gone but she would be never forgotten. She was the little girl of the house, playful, my sincere friend, always by my side no matter what. I never thought of how hard this would be until I woke up the morning of that dec 1, 2011… I didn’t know what to do until searching over the internet and found Faithful Companion, thank you so much for your attention, compassionate and respect for my loss.; and I highly recommend Faithful Companion, they just make everything easier and comfort. Melina Ruiz Read more

  • Y. Rose

    We lost our beloved dog of 10 years ,Tristan, over Thanksgiving weekend when he became suddenly ill. Losing him was hard and I felt like I no longer had control of anything. Phil at Faithful Companion was kind and understanding. He made me feel like I had some control in how to honor Tristan. He was so respectful of our loss. It brought me a peace of mind that Tristan was gone but he would never be forgotten. Thank you Faithful Companion for all you do. You have brought me peace, comfort and helped me have some closure. Y. Rose Read more

  • Sarah Diederich

    I was in such a deep state of grief knowing my precious dog “Baby” was within a few short hours of death. I searched for a place who would show respect and dignity for her. Kevin Pouget answered my countless emails for information with sympathy and kindness. The gentleman came to our home and we gently put Baby in the nice coffin. We had opted for a witness cremation as we wanted to be with her all the way. We followed the van containing her body, witnessed the coffin being put into the crematorium and waited for her ashes. Every person at Faithful Companion understood our pain and comforted us. Even the owner’s dog came out and let me pet him. It gave me some comfort. God Bless you all. Read more

  • Denise Giosa

    Shaq, our golden retriever of 15 years, passed away in his favorite place in our backyard. Both of my sons had left for college, and I came home from work to find Shaq, and I was alone. The Mom of the family who owns Faithful Companion works with me and she told me of the services Faithful Companion provided. I was deeply touched and comforted by the professionalism and sympathy that was conveyed during a very sad time. Shaq’s ashes are in a beautiful marble urn, the whole process was outstanding, given the circumstances. I would recommend Faithful Companion to anyone who had a pet they cared deeply about. Read more

  • Diane Venturi

    Dear Anthony, Words will never be enough to express how grateful we are to be a part of Jenna’s life here on earth and Faithful Companion has truly enable us to embrace the passing of our “Jenna Girl” with dignity and respect. She gave us 14 years of joy and you have given us this one day we will forever be grateful. Thank you for giving us peace and compassion on a day that has changed our lives forever. Ray & Diane Read more

  • Prince’s Mommy and Daddy…

    To Anthony, On the evening of May 29, 2011, our beloved Prince left us.Thank you for making our loss a little bearable with your sincere help to bring closure to our sorrow by taking care of our little boy Prince with dignity and sincer compassion.You helped us on a weekend night that probably no other place would have even answered our call. You left your 2 month old son with somebody to help someone else, and for this we will be forever gratefull to you.Again, thank you so very much for taking care of our boy Prince..it was his birthday and you gave him a gift he will forever cherish…You are a kind hearted man and we hope and pray that others find you in thier time of need so they too recieve the kind and sincere compassion we got… Read more

  • Mindy

    Just wanted to say thank you so much for the job you do! We just brought my boyfriends cat Clea to you yesterday 6/9/2011 and i was so awwed by your presence! The way we were greeted at the door all the way til we left! Your facility was extremely nice! Clea was a huge part of my boyfriends life for many years and i just wanted to say a big Thank You for making the whole process that much more bearable for being so kind and doing such an excellent job! I definatly would recommend you business to anyone!! Read more

  • Eddie

    Anthony, Words cannot even express the happiness I felt when I was able to say “good-bye” to Mickey, thanks to you. You made me feel very welcome and helped greatly throughout the cremation process, not once did I feel an ounce of sadness while there. You keeped me very entertained and my mind off what was actually happening. Thanks again!! I would HIGHLY recommend FaithFul Companion to any pet lover. Read more

  • Eric and Brenda

    Your service is simply outstanding. Our dog Kirin died about midnight. I called at 7:30 AM and you were at my door by 8:30 to pick her up and have her cremated. The Dr and Merideth were the nicest, friendliness people ever and helped us feel at ease with the whole process. We visited the facility the next day and were simply blown away by the place – well organized, well run and a very caring atmosphere. We highly recommend Faithful Companion. Thanks for such an outstanding service to pet owners/lovers. Read more

  • Ann Portas

    We are so thankful for the kindness shown to our family by Anthony Erekat of Faithful Companion. Anthony treated our dog, Domino, with dignity and respect, and allowed us all the time we needed to say good-bye to her. His compassion, and the service he provides, is a gift to those of us who love our pets. Read more

  • Darwin

    To the Faithful Companion Staff: I was sadden to get the phone call that My “Buddy” Passed away while I was at work. When I took him to the Emergency Hospital in Saginaw, Michigan they allowed me the time that I wanted to spend with him. The Arrangements that I had to choose from were Absolutely Amazing. When I picked up my “Buddy” the transporter, was really solemn, and treated Buddy’s Remains with RESPECT & DIGNITY. His Urn is absolutely breathe taking and definately a symbol of His Majestic, and perfect character. Thank You So Much for making this time a little bit easier knowing that You cared for him the way you did. The Documents that I had gotten with Buddy’s return was truly helpful. YOU WILL BE REFERRED TO by me to ANYONE that has lost a pet in the future. Read more

  • Abbey’s Mom

    Today I picked up my Baby girl Abbey from my vets office . Thank you for taking good care of my little one it was so hard to have to put her down on 7/5/11 because I just lost my mother on 6/21/11 I lost both of my Best friends 2 wks apart . Thank You again Read more

  • Rachel

    I took my rabbit (Bun! Original name i know lol!) last month to the facility in royal oak mi. I have to say to the people there are so very nice and EXTREMELY sympathetic!! I was very impressed with the professionalism of the gentleman that took care of Bun and I. I am so very pleased with the entire process. I will no doubt use your services again! Thank you soooooo much for being so respectful and treating my rabbit with so much respect!!!!! Thanks again!!! Read more

  • Pogi’s Family

    My family and I are thankful to the kindness and dedication of Anthony who made an appointment for us to cremate our beloved pet – even after business hours. Thanks to you we were able to send off our beloved dog, Pogi, properly and with peace of mind. Thank you again for your overwhelming support during this hard process. We will always recommend your service to our other friends and fellow pet owners. And as for our dear pooch – RIP Pogi 2002-2011 Read more

  • Wendy Warren

    I cannot thank you enough for your care and compassionate services. I lost my heart dog Sarah on Monday evening at OVRS, and had her back home with me, and my other two furchildren by Tuesday afternoon. I am unsure who I spoke to and who the courier was, but I was struck by the kindness and compassion of everyone I interacted with, and the respect they treated Sarah with. The other testimonials I have read show what an outstanding service you provide at a most troubling and difficult time in our lives. And not just for me, but for the two golden retrievers who share my life (Lily and Kai) and who also grieve for Sarah. Thank you…just seems like words are inadequate. Read more

  • Cheryl Rudzki

    I cannot thank all of you enough! I am a veterinary technician at a clinic that uses your services. (Parkway Small Animal & Exotic Hospital) Everyone is always very nice and professional and goes “above and beyond.” Recently, one of your employees, Charlie, had come to pick up a beloved pet dog, the euthanasia had not been done yet, but Charlie said he will wait until the patient was ready for him-no matter how long the owners took to say their good byes. It turns out, the owner of the dog wanted to meet “the faithful companion guy” (to thank him for wonderful service on previous pets and thank ahead of time for caring for this pet too)and Charlie, without hesitation, walked right into the exam room and gave the client comfort knowing that her pet will be well cared for! I have been in this field over 10 years and have worked with many different cremation services, but none of them can even compare to you guys! I don’t know anyone else that would have gone in on that exam room! There was another instance a few years back, my aunt had to put her dog to sleep, and the clinic I worked at, at that time, was not open on sundays, so we had gone to another clinic. That clinic did not use faithful companions, but i insisted that “Ginger” was cremated with faithful companion! I personally called Faithful companion and offered to bring Ginger to them since we were at a clinic that did not regularly use them, but that was no problem for Faithful Companion-they said they would have no problem driving to the clinic to pick up Ginger themselves. The very next day i got a phone call from my aunt, saying Ginger had already been returned to her at her house. She then proceeded to go on and on about how nice the gentlemen was that brought Ginger home. She was extremely happy that she had listened to me and had Faithful Companion take care of Ginger. I have since used your services for my own personal pets, and I will ALWAYS use your services for my own pets! I am very glad to be working at a hospital that uses your services-i can honestly tell clients that you will take proper care/respect their beloved pets and know that what i say is true! The clients seem to sense that i am sincere in KNOWING that Faithful Companion is the BEST! Thanks for doing such a great job! Read more

  • Diane Picinic

    My son’s bunny recently passed away. He was less than a year old but meant alot to him. Faithful Companion were great. They arranged to pickup the bunny from the animal hospital and had him at their place when we arrived the same evening. My son was able to say his goodbyes to him. Ken was great ! He even engraved a box with the bunny’s name on it. Thank you for your kindness. Read more

  • G. Brown

    This is the first time I have had any dealings with Faithful Companions. When my last cat died many years ago, he was cremated somewhere else. I was on pins and needles hoping they would not lose my baby’s ashes. I kept thinking something would go wrong. I can’t begin to tell you how good I felt when I finally went to the vet hospital to pick up SheShe’s ashes. The ashes were placed in a beautiful urn. The place that took care of my other cat didn’t think to do anything that special. I was so touched that Faithful Companions took the time to write out a condolence card for me. That meant so much to me. Thank you Faithful Companions for taking such good care of my baby. Read more

  • Jack P.

    I had to let go of my beloved family member today. Jada was in the family for over 12 years and this was equally as hard as losing my mom a couple years ago. I am so grateful that I had Anthony and Faithful Companion recommended to me. He is genuinely sincere and it was obvious that he cared about Jada and my situation. Thank You so much Anthony, you made things a little easier on me. Read more

  • Mugsy’s Family

    Today we lost a furry brother and son, Mugsy. We rescued Mugsy from a shelter over 10 years ago and he brought nothing but love, happiness, and mischief into our lives. We are grateful that Mugsy passed peacefully in the bed he loved so much surrounded by his loving family. We called Faithful Companion and they arrived at our home within 30 minutes and were incredibly compassionate and respectful of our loss. They made this unbearable and difficult process just a little bit easier. We were able to say goodbye to Mugsy one last time and bring his remains home with us just two hours later. We would highly recommend Faithful Companion to anyone who knows what it truly means to love an animal. Mugsy’s Family Read more

  • Jessica S

    I just lost a part of my heart when i lost my true faithful companion PENNY, she was my world this little dog, she passed away in my arms at home on Oct 29th, 2011..I thought a creamation was best for my little girl since she’d be home once again with me, my step sister mentioned Faithful Companion to me, and knew some of the staff and said they are very caring and so she took penny with her to work (at an animal hospital) Faithful companion picked her up the very same morning and she was cremated the same day. I got her back right away and she is in a nice wood box with her name enscribed wich i thought was very thoughtful of them. They also have a very nice presentation of pamphlets and a sympathy card, a beautiful book mark type style with “Rainbow Bridge” on it which made me cry..but it was of happy tears because its true; Their staff Anthony came to my door and I told him i was her owner, and he was compasionate and said he was sorry for my loss, im sure its not an easy job delivering these pets to all of us, but he was sweet and sincere and I really appreciate it, Thank you Anthony, and thank you to the owners who have really big hearts to create a pet cremation service, for those of us that do not wish to have our friends burried. A big thank you from me and Pennny for taking good care of her and making this difficult time for me to have peace of mind that she was infact well taken care of by caring individuals, thank you again, I will refer your services to anyone I come across that has an unfortunate loss of a pet. Best Regards, Jessica S Read more

  • Kristen Cardell

    I have been struggling to find the words to express our deepest thanks and appreciation for the compassion, sincerity and respect with which Faithful Companion (Clifton, NJ) has treated us, and more importantly, our dog Lucy. You were flexible and attentive to our unusual last minute situation. Faithful Companion allowed me to participate fully in the process for my beloved Lucy. I was able to see, and needed to see *first hand* and without question that it was *my* pet that came home with me that day. This gave me tremendous piece of mind that will help me through my grief. You have brought comfort to our hearts and made an impression that will last forever. Thank you for your kindness. Kristen Cardell Read more

  • Beth Wall

    Thank you Faithful Companion for your services with my cat, Melanie. My husband and I were impressed with the respect and dignity in which she was treated. We could not believe when we got the call the next morning that her remains were ready to be picked up. It really helped jump start our long road to recovery from our grief. Loosing Melanie is one of the hardest things I’ve had to endure, but your services provided a peace of mind that really helped at a time like this. I highly recommend Faithful Companion. Thank you for caring. Beth Wall Read more

  • Donald L. Faris

    Thanks to Faithful Companion and to Dr.Szostek for his care of my pet Rudy. Rudy was so sick he had to be put to sleep. My friend Julia had a great experience with her pet “Big Dew” through Faithful Companion Staff. Julia mentioned to me the possibility of Rudy being creamated because of the professional,caring, and compassion offered by Dr. Szostek and staff. Julia made the arrangements and Rudy was picked up immediately and returned back home within 24 hrs. I would recommend this service to everyone. A 5 Star operation. D.L.F. Thanks for caring. Donald L. Faris Read more

  • Kristine T. – Highland

    I recently had to have my beloved cat Tabby cremated. He died at home and I took him to Faithful Companion on 4401 West Ridge Road in Gary. Tom Groen, the owner, is the most compassionate, caring, trusting and understanding person I ever encountered in this experience. I called Tom at 2:00 am when my cat passed and he was waiting for me that same morning at the crematory. If you wish to have your beloved pet cremated please use Faithful Companion. It was the best final journey my cat ever had. Kristine T. – Highland Read more

  • Dawn Bowles

    Thank you to everyone at Faithful Companion for the care and compassion that my family received during the difficult and painful job of making final arrangements for our beloved pet (Sydney). Having the opportunity to be present for the cremation provided comfort and closure. It was comforting to be able to bring Sydney home that same day. Also, the urn that we purchased is BEAUTIFUL! We will certainly recommend you to all our friend and family. Sincerely, Dawn Bowles Read more

  • David Jansen

    I would like to thank everyone at Faithful Companion for the care that they showed my cat Sebastian when he was cremated on Saturday. He was my baby for 11 years and this is the first time I lost a pet. When I got Sebastian’s cremated remains today there was a beautiful card and poem in there and I would like to thank everyone for your kindness. I would definitely recommend Faithful Companion. David Jansen Read more

  • Barbara Bartetta

    On August30th we had to make the difficult decision of putting our beautiful 11 year old maltese Sammy to sleep after years of suffering from heart and lung disease. Because my husband and I have no children – he truly was our baby. Having seen a newpaper article about Faitful Companion and telling a friend about them i called them. There was care and compassion from Anthony from the first moment i spoke with him. Sammy was picked up within one hour from our vet and back home in his little box by 2:30 that afternoon. When picking sammy up we spoke with Anthony & Jim Morrocco and we had a nice conversation with them talking about how special Sammy was to us. There was no rushing us – they gave us as much time as we needed. We think this is a wonderful thing that they do for pets and their families and would highly recommend them for the great service and compassion they provide when it is needed the most. Our pets provide us with unconditional love and this is one last way to give them the dignity they deserve. When all was done we spoke with the staff at Nutley Animal Hospital and they also praised the care Anthony took when picking up Sammy and were very impressed with the professionalism. People should not hesitate to use this service. Barbara Bartetta Read more

  • Jennifer Bass

    It has been 10 days now since I lost my furry, four-legged, 15 year old baby. The pain of losing him has been/is almost unbearable, but I wanted to take just a few minutes to say ‘thank you’ to Phil and Faithful Companion. This was my first experience losing a pet, and Phil was kind, professional, respectful, helpful, and patient. I can’t put into words how thankful I am to my mom for finding Faithful Companion and to Phil for treating Shadow and my family in a way I didn’t think was possible. Phil picked Shadow up from the vet within an hour of my phone call to him, and then called me back right away with an update on his condition (I was concerned I may not be able to view him one last time). Upon arriving at Faithful Companion that afternoon, I was a wreck, but Phil gave me all the time that I needed to say goodbye one last time. Everything was taken care of within one day after Shadow’s death which helped me tremendously. I needed that closure. I’m so comforted knowing that I truly have Shadow, and only Shadow, back with me and know that he was treated just as I wanted him to be treated. He was, and always will be, my precious, loving baby. I can’t wait to see him again in Rainbow Bridge. Thank you to Phil and Faithful Companion for your support and service during this terribly difficult time. You will be recommended, and I will most definitely keep you in mind for my future needs. Jennifer Bass Read more

  • Jeff Fleming

    All I can say is thank you for providing comfort, compassion, and sympathy on the most difficult day of my life. My dog’s passing was made survivable through your kindness and professionalism. Thank you to Wayne and the entire staff at Faithful Companion for taking care of me and Bear. Jeff Fleming Read more

  • Kelli, Steve, Ashley, Emily, and Olivia Hunter

    Thank you just doesn’t seem like enough for the kindness you showed when our best buddy, Buster, passed away so unexpectedly. From the initial phone call to the return home of our best friend, all we felt was kindness, gentleness, and concern. From my husband talking to Wayne on the phone, and John coming out to the house within an hour of that phone call, we felt like we were being truly cared for. John came down the basement stairs where I was curled up on the floor with my buddy, and he waited patiently as I assured my buddy that he would be well taken care of. He waited until I felt it was ok to let Buster go. When Buster returned home the very next day, we again felt the kindness and concern. As I said, I just don’t think Thank You says enough for how you helped us through our tough weekend. Since it’s all I can do, I’ll thank you all so very much for your care, concern, empathy, and kindness. RIP Buster 9-10-11 Kelli, Steve, Ashley, Emily, and Olivia Hunter Read more

  • Merry Wilson

    Thank you hardly covers the gratitude and debt I owe Faithful Companion, and Tom Groen in particular, for the compassion and understanding he demonstrated in our initial encounter. As a senior on a small monthly income, I found myself in the sad situation of losing my cats faster than I could afford to have them cremated. Consequently they were lying frozen and neglected, seemingly unloved, in my vet’s freezer–all six of them! The more that accumulated, the more hopeless the situation seemed. Along came Tom and Faithful Companion to the rescue! Tom offered a solution I could manage financially, but more importantly understood the psychological strain involved in feeling I’d abandoned my beloved “children” at such a time. His compassion and empathy are rare! This week Tom tended to three more of my babies. He picked them up immediately after they were put to sleep and returned them the next morning. No more lying around, neglected, for months and months!! Tom Groen and Faithful Companion are unparalleled in every area one could wish for at a time like this–compassion, sensitivity, cooperation…. If you want/need it–they’ll provide it. Thanks so much for being there for me! Merry Wilson Read more

  • The Seymour Family

    My family would like to Thank you all so very much for taking such good care of our family member “PENNY SEYMOUR”. We did not have a vet for my Moms dog because they moved away, so we used my brothers Vet,D’Adamo Vet. Hospital, they were so kind and we were told about your services, It has been hard on my Mom,Penny was her friend and protector since my Dads passing. So we just wanted to Thank you, even tho you do not know us nor we you, its so good to know there are places like yours that care and treat our pets like family. WE will used you in the furture for sure as, there are other 4 legged family members still with us. Thank you again, The Seymour Family Read more

  • Carol

    Thank you for the compassion we received when our friend Milo suddenly passed away. He died Saturday night at home and we were devastated. Even though he was 18 yrs old, He had remained active and healthy until the very end. It was our good fortune to find Faithful Companion on the web. My husband called at 8am Sunday morning and by 9:30 Dr. Szostek was at our home to pick Milo up. His manner was caring and professional. By 1:30 pm, Milo’s ashes were returned to us. The service you provided was greatly appreciated at this difficult time. Thank you Carol Read more

  • Yvette

    Monday August 29, 2011 was the most devastating day of my life. After a tough battle with Liver Cancer, I had to let go of my 5 year old 95lb Pit bull Blake. He was a rescue dog from NJ and changed my life. He was extremely affectionate, compassionate and had a great disposition. He meant the world to us and our friends. Fortunately, I had some time to prepare for this day and found Faithful Companion during a search on the Internet. I was extremely impressed with their website and the information provided so I decided to use them. Words cannot even describe how impressive your service is. From start to finish, Blake was handled with the utmost respect and care. Blake passed away at 6pm Monday night and Within 15 minutes, he was picked up and by 12n the next day, he was delivered back to our home. The compassion, thoughtfulness, focus, care, customer service, and quality of service that Faithful Companion provides is absolutely top notch and amazing. Thank you so much for being amazing and helping made this absolutely unbearable time a little more bearable. Thank you. Yvette Read more

  • Cristina & Lisa P.

    Our beautiful 10 yr old cat “Snowy” unexpectedly became ill, within 3 weeks she died. We had seen the Vet 2 days before & she took a turn for the worse almost overnight, passing very early in the morning. My neighbor referred me to Faithful Companion, I called Anthony at 9 a.m. He was extremely helpful,told me to come right in. We were traveling from Morris Cty, I gave him my estimated arrival time for 12 noon, as I waited my daughter’s arrival from Atlantic City, as this had been her special cat. We no sooner arrived at your building when the young men came out to help us with our sad bundle. Your viewing service was very practical & dignified, we said our goodbye’s to our beloved cat. We didn’t have to wait long to receive our pet back in a lovely engraved box. This was all done in a short time, I truly appreciated that as we didn’t want to drag this sad day out. Thank you for being so understanding of our tears & for having this service available to us. Cristina & Lisa P. Read more

  • The Bishops - Charlotte, NC

    Dear Phillip – We want to thank you for the way you responded to our need when we had to put our pet to sleep. We can not say enough about Faithful Companion. My wife and I lost our little “faithful companion” just 2 days ago. Our vet suggested your services. You were just what we needed. The care , concern, and kindness you showed to us and our pet, Smokey, were beyond what we could have hoped to receive. Receiving Smokey back 2 days later was great. You treated Smokey with as much respect and care as is possible. Again, thank you so much for being there when we needed you. You are what Faithful Companions is all about! God bless you The Bishops Read more

  • Tim Totten Ferndale, MI - Royal Oak, MI

    I can’t believe it’s been nearly two weeks since I had to say goodbye to sage, my 14 year old border collie. She spent a life chasing squirrels, swimming, diving off docks and riding my jet ski with me. I have never had a more dedicated companion. She is now at peace from her tiresome seizures and the confusion that followed. I would like to let everyone at Maple veterinary clinic know how much I appreciate that I was able to let my baby start her final nap in my arms in the bright sunshine of her yard. Also, thank you to the folks at Faithful companion for arriving at the perfect time and sending sage off with dignity and respect and returning her to me so promptly. Tim Totten Ferndale, MI Read more

  • Julie & Stash Pientack - Royal Oak, MI

    Zeke, our 13 yr old Chocolate Lab/Mix passed away in his favorite spot on the couch early Monday morning. Friday we found out he had lung cancer & a tumor on his spleen. He was taking fast deep breaths all weekend. Didn’t seem to be in any pain. Monday early a.m., laying in his favorite spot on the couch, we kissed him, sniffed his ears like we always do, and told him we love him. My husband laid next to him and I went to the bedroom. I said a prayer asking that if he is ready, please take him, but only if he is ready. Not 5 minutes later my husband came into the bedroom and said, “I think he’s gone.” It was so peaceful. We would like to say a special “thank you to Joel Cheeseman”, who is a friend of my husbands, for letting us know about Faithful Companion. Joel helped bring closure next day when he brought Zeke back to us. He took his time to let us grieve, allowed us to share Zekes story yet once again, showing respect and compassion. You have made a heartbreaking time better for us, and for that we can not thank you enough. We are already recommending Faithful Companion services and will continue to do so. Thanks again Joel! Julie & Stash Pientack Read more

  • Lucy’s Family - Charlotte, NC

    There’s nothing I can say to cover how thankful I am for what you did for my Lucy and myself. She can now rest peacefully. My blessing go out to you and your family. I would recommend you to anyone who ever has to go through lossing a pet. Fast, kind hearted and has a heart. Thank you so so much. Janie Plott and my baby gril Lucy. Lucy’s Family Read more

  • Weezie’s Family - Clifton, NJ

    Faithful companion was very helpful to us. We lost our cat Rayn “Weezie” after 13 wonderful years. They were very kind & we were able to take her home in an hour. I’m so glad that we chose cremation and that she can be with us always. Weezie’s Family Read more

  • Sue Bricker - Southwest Michigan

    I want to thank Kelly for her caring and help in preparing Bailey to move on to his new life. Bailey was a wonderful sheltie. He made me smile and enjoy life again. I got Bailey shortly after my husband died of cancer. Bailey was with me for eleven wonderful years. I will cherish him in my heart and miss him so much. Sue Bricker Read more

  • Stella’s Family - Clifton, NJ

    I wanted to write a review about my recent experience at Faithful Companion in Clifton, NJ. When I say recent, I mean today. I lost my beloved Chihuahua Stella. She was a rescue who I only had for 3 short years. Stella lived on borrowed time for all of the time I had her. She was adopted from shelter where she was going to be put to sleep. Stella was such a happy little dog. So deserving of the love and care that was provided to her today at her cremation. Anthony was most respectful, and went above and beyond to help me. He was kind and caring, and treated Stella with such dignity and care. Having other pets I have visited other facilities before, but none like this. It was clean and welcoming. The environment was very peaceful and pleasant, and I really enjoyed the beautiful mural on the wall. The whole process was made easier by Anthony. I can’t say enough kind words about how nice he was to me. He treated my baby like she was his own. He was patient and understanding. I will be forever grateful for his kindness and help during this difficult time. I am lucky to have found such an amazing place. I highly recommend them. I can not say enough nice things about my overall experience, the staff and the facility. This is truly what Stella deserved, and I am glad that she got it. Thank you. Stella’s Family Read more

  • Linda McCormick - Royal Oak, MI

    Thank you to the staff at Faithful Companion for handling our wonderful cat Sam in a very respectful and dignified manner. He meant the world to us and we will miss him. He was brought home the very next day and we were so thankful. Sam had always been home with us. The service that you provide for pets and their family is amazing, I will recommend your service to anyone that has the unfortunate loss of a pet. Thanks again, Linda McCormick Read more

  • Much Love Margo - Royal Oak, MI

    I truly can not say enough about this Family and their Services – (Santeiu Family) I was not familar with this facility, but became very familar on Christmas day 2011. I routinely try and feed the stray dog population in Detroit Michigan (which if you don’t know is HUGE) After time with family Christmas day I went to Detroit to make my “runs”- upon driving down the Davidson, in the median was a dog, on his side- I pulled over and jumped out of my car- ran to the dog- unfortunately it was deceased- starved- choke chain, very bad scene- I couldn’t leave it there- I had no idea what to do- I loaded the dog in my car- and started calling around- it was Christmas and I had no idea who could help- A friend referred me to Faithful Companions- not only did they take my call on Christmas, answering while they were at dinner themselves- they set up where i could take the poor soul I named “Chris” and picked him up to have diginity in death he didn’t have in life- I am in tears writing this and so very grateful for the caring hearts at Faithful companions, specifically Jason and his family. I will always refer anyone to their services, they cared for a dog no one else did- this email isnt about the problems of Detroit but of the wonderful people at Faithful COmpanions who truly love animals and know what it is to love an animal with all your heart Much Love Margo Read more

  • Retha Coleman - Charlotte, NC

    Dear Phillip and Faithful Companion staff, Words can not express how grateful I am to have found you and your services as I faced such a difficult time with the loss of my beloved Sheltie,Shadow. Already knowing I was going to have to make one of the hardest decisions of my life, it was comforting to know I would be placing him in your hands as his journey was completed. The fact that you had him back home to me where he belonged the very next morning means more to me than you will ever know. Your compassion, kindess and respect will never be forgotten. May God Bless you always, Retha Coleman Read more

  • The Barron Family - Southwest Michigan

    Kelly, Thank you so much for helping us with Muffin. Your kindness was appreciated. The Barron Family Read more

  • The Williams Family - Charlotte, NC

    Thank you all so much for your help with the arrangements for our beloved cat Gordon.We were blessed to have him with us for 10 years.Thank you for your kindness in this difficult time,it is greatly appreciated. The Williams Family Read more

  • Kevin Martin - Northwest Indiana

    Never in all my 53 years have I encountered a service provider who goes above and way beyond expectations. Tom made a very difficult experience in my life much easier to cope with. A true professional in every sense of the phrase. Tom provides more then just great service. The man has a heart of gold. Kevin Martin Read more

  • Tina Echols - Southwest Michigan

    Kelli- I appreciate your help and kindness. Losing Cahmere was so unexpected; however, the services provided by Faithful Companion helps my family and I me to get through losing Cashmere. Again, Thanks sooooooo much! Tina Echols Read more

  • Troy Martens - Southwest Michigan

    Thank you so much for the nice wooden box for Mokey Joe’s remains. It is a very fitting final resting place for him. We all appreciate your kidness. Troy Martens Read more

  • The Buentello’s - Southwest Michigan

    We like to say thank you so much for understanding of our lost to our Beloved Saydee and treating her in a timely matter during the holidays. Saydee was truly a wonderful companion for 12 years. We are saddened that she is gone now. Its a missing piece of a puzzle in the family and it hurts. We love her so much and will miss her dearly. Thank you Faithful Companion for the service that you have done for us. The Buentello’s Read more

  • The Rodrigues family <3 - Clifton, NJ

    The passing of my cat,Lucky, was probably one of the hardest things i had to experience… he passed in my arms on saturday night 1-14-12, I wasnt to sure what i wanted to do, he enjoyed going outside on a daily basis so it was between him getting burried outside where he LOVED to spend most of his time or to get him cremated… me and my family finally came upon the decision to cremate him. The only issue was we wanted to make sure it was HIM and ONLY HIM not a bunch of random ashes from other pets… so we did our research and found Faithful Companion. I would honestly recommend them to anyone who would want to cremate their pets we were greeted at the door and he place Lucky on a cart and wheeled him to the rroom where it would be done he was placed in a nice box and all. The way everything was handled made me feel so good about choosing them ! I have 2 other cats and i DEFINITLY plan on using them again hopefully not anytime soon ! THANK YOU SO MUCH The Rodrigues family Read more

  • Debbie Grunn - Royal Oak, MI

    Once again Thank you for taking care of our little Molly girl,you also took care of my Moms dog Penny, so even tho we mis Molly so much, we have her with us. Thank you for your help and caring. Debbie Grunn Read more

  • Maya R. - Clifton, NJ

    My 9 year old cat, Kaya a.k.a “Kicia”, was my baby. When she passed away in my arms, it was the worst day of my life. I knew that I wanted to cremate her but it was really important for me to make sure that it was her that I got back from the process. I searched for a place that performed such service on the spot. I was so glad, when I found Faithful Companion in Clifton, NJ. I was able to drive to them that same day and they handled my baby with dignity and care. The process took about an hour and I was able to wait for her. The service was amazing and it has helped me with my grieving process. Thank you FC for your compassion and respect. Maya R. Read more

  • Gregg M. - Royal Oak, MI

    Chyna Blue was rescued about 2 1/2 years ago when she was 1 1/2. Not sure of her upbringing, we knew she had not been the best treated dog in the world. Day by day, we worked with her and it became obvious to us that all this beautiful creature wanted was to be loved, so she could show us she loved back. And her intelligence, totally amazing. Upon our return from a cruise, I could tell something wasn’t right. I noticed swelling around her lymph glands. We took her in and she was diagnosed with advanced lymphoma, at 4 years of age. We gave her the best meds we could but knew the day would soon come when “the decision” had to be made. Part of that process for me was to plan ahead and I researched and called. Once I discovered Faithful Companion, it became a no-brainer. On December 2nd, that dreadful day came. Both the vet’s office and Faithful Companion were there for us. Chyna was picked up at the vet’s office, and we got her back a couple of days later and the experience was nothing short of superb professionalism and dignity. Chyna is at home with us, surrounded by many pictures, some of her toys, and that black cultured marble urn we picked out……and lots of memories. We can’t thank the people at FC enough who were so helpful, understanding and compassionate in our time of need. Not only have we told other friends about your professional service, we’ve also shared Rainbow Bridge with them. You made this experience a lot better to cope with. Gregg M. Read more

  • Deb, Sue and Family - Clifton, NJ

    We would like to thank everyone at Faithful Companion for everything they did for us. Knowing that our treasured and beloved golden man, Brinkley, was treated with such love and dignity made the end a little bit easier. The respect and compassion Anthony showed for Brinkley was so comforting in our time of such grief. Brinkley was our world and our love and Anthony and Faithful Companion treated him that way. Brinkley was back with us bright and early the next day when Anthony brought his ashes in a beautifully engraved wooden box and Brinkley’s paw print in a beautiful leather case. Thank you all again – we love and miss you so much Brinkley!! Sincerely, Deb, Sue and Family Read more

  • The Derhammer Family (Michelle, Justin, Don, and Carol) - Southwest Michigan

    April 16, 2012 To the Staff of Faithful Companions: We wanted to express to you our gratitude to you for your help with Sky’s final arrangement. He was such a wonderful member of our family, who is so greatly missed. We so appreciate the caring and understanding way you treated us. Making this extremly hard time of parting with our faithful, loving, best friend Sweet Sweet Ski a litle easier to deal with knowing he was being treated with dignity by caring dog loving people. Bless you, The Derhammer Family (Michelle, Justin, Don, and Carol) Read more

  • Walter & Julia - Charlotte, NC

    My wife and I would like to thank the Charlotte, NC staff of Faithful Companions for way they treated our beloved shar-pei Russell Baxter. The service was quick and the lady who broght back Russell’s ashes 2 days later was very compassionate. This made the last few days less painful. Thank you, The Nortons Read more