When all that's left are the memories...

Our service is not just providing pet cremation. Our family is dedicated to helping all families find closure in a very difficult time.

Your pet will be treated with the same dignity and respect that all family members deserve. Whatever your needs may be, our experience will help you through this difficult time in your life.

Our Complete Service

  • A specially designed container for transportation and cremation (no plastic bags).
  • Same day transportation from your home or clinic (no freezer storage).
  • Transportation provided by our professional staff using only clean mini vans (no pick-up trucks).
  • Return of cremated remains by our staff to your home or clinic (never by mail or common carrier).
  • Identification System

  • Our tracking system for pets is exactly the same as we use for our human family members.
  • Family name and pet name are identified on the outside of the container.
  • Numbered stainless steel ID tags are assigned and recorded in our system.
  • ID tag and paperwork track pet through the entire cremation process.
  • Signatures and dates are required for the return of the cremains.
  • The Cremation Process

  • Cremation equipment designed and manufactured specifically to perform cremation.
  • A clean and total cremation, performed privately.
  • Cremated remains will be returned within 24 hours (never a one or two week process).
  • Recent Memorials & Testimonials

    Photo 14
    Royal Oak, MI
    My little rambunctious Randy, I found you hiding behind trash cans in my backyard in August 2007, a very scruffy, burr-covered, scared and hungry boy. You provided welcome company for my father until I could integrate you into my dog family. You enjoyed the company of Vera (a shepherd-husky mix) and Trina ( a beagle rescued from Hurricane Katrina). After Vera passed away from liver cance…read more.
    Charlotte, NC
    Chris Simmons
    I lost Oliver at 15 1/2 years old. Tom at Faithful Companion made every effort to make this process as easy as possible. I thank him and the rest of the staff there for showing class and kindness during my time of loss.…read more.
    Royal Oak, MI
    Michelle Wheeler
    May 18th 2016 we lost our beloved boy "MAX" it was very unexpected. Took him in because he was not eating, he never skips a meal. Only 3 hours later to find out he had cancer, max never acted like he was sick and was very active until dinner time and all of a sudden he just fell. The animal hospital took very good care of him, we sent him here and we never second guessed it. Im happy to say withi…read more.
    Royal Oak, MI
    My baby girl ginger. when I came home and seen you on the floor you were a little baby. you only came to me and no one else. at that moment I knew it was going to be me and you against the world. then our little buddy Oreo came he still cry for you till this day. hell always go to the place your body laid lifeless and sniffed around whining I know how he feel. many just thought of you as a dog bu…read more.
    Clifton, NJ
    Rhonda Capozzi
    I am so impressed!! I had my other dog cremated somewhere else and nothing compares to this place. I felt so good about leaving my Roxy and love how she came home!!! I am truly at peace. Thank you so much and bless you all. This is the place to come to and I will recommend them to anyone in need.…read more.
    sarah lulu and phoebe
    Northwest Indiana
    Phoebe lived with the Rhone's for 12 wonderful years. Her original owners did not want her and would let her out their front door hoping she would run away. The Rhone's returned her repeatedly until one day they said "no you keep her we don't want her". Her first days with the Rhone's consisted of her peeing all over the house, stealing food, sneaking out the front door, back door, back yard ga…read more.
    Charlotte, NC
    Anthony Phillips
    The class, kindness and compassion Faithful Companion in Charlotte, NC exhibited is above and beyond what I have experienced in the past. Saying goodbye to my former partner was extremely difficult. Faithful Companion handled everything with extreme professionalism. We cannot thank you enough for all that you did in our time of grief. With our deepest thanks Anthony Phillips …read more.
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