When all that's left are the memories...

Our service is not just providing pet cremation. Our family is dedicated to helping all families find closure in a very difficult time.

Your pet will be treated with the same dignity and respect that all family members deserve. Whatever your needs may be, our experience will help you through this difficult time in your life.

Our Complete Service

  • A specially designed container for transportation and cremation (no plastic bags).
  • Same day transportation from your home or clinic (no freezer storage).
  • Transportation provided by our professional staff using only clean mini vans (no pick-up trucks).
  • Return of cremated remains by our staff to your home or clinic (never by mail or common carrier).
  • Identification System

  • Our tracking system for pets is exactly the same as we use for our human family members
  • Family name and pet name are identified on the outside of the container
  • Numbered stainless steel ID tags are assigned and recorded in our system
  • ID tag and paperwork track pet through the entire cremation process
  • Signatures and dates are required for the return of the cremains
  • The Cremation Process

  • Cremation equipment designed and manufactured specifically to perform cremation
  • A clean and total cremation, performed privately
  • Cremated remains will be returned within 24 hours (never a one or two week process)
  • Recent Memorials & Testimonials

    Royal Oak, MI
    Rory , I still see you everywhere I go . Your companionship. And love. Where so important to us and now that your gone there is a huge piece missing in our home. We miss you and think about you every day. …read more.
    Charlotte, NC
    We miss and love you Poncho, you were such an awesome cat! So sweet and loving and always entertaining. You will be in our hearts forever.…read more.
    Royal Oak, MI
    Our Sweet Baby Girl, we loved you the first moment we set eyes on you. We hope that we were able to make up for the love that you didn't get in your first 9 years of life. Everyday you were blessing our hearts and home with love and silliness was a day we will never forget. You were a fighter, through everything, but now it's time to be at rest. Be free to run and play with the angels. All o…read more.
    2013-Happy Boy - Copy 15
    Charlotte, NC
    We miss you sweet boy,..we love & miss you more than words can say. Rest easy until we meet again. …read more.
    Northwest Indiana
    My best friend oh how I miss you.…read more.
    Northwest Indiana
    I highly recommend thanks again. …read more.
    Cincinnati/Dayton, OH
    Our best friend and fur baby. We love you more then words and miss you everyday. Rest easy old man. …read more.
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