When all that's left are the memories...

Our service is not just providing pet cremation. Our family is dedicated to helping all families find closure in a very difficult time.

Your pet will be treated with the same dignity and respect that all family members deserve. Whatever your needs may be, our experience will help you through this difficult time in your life.

Our Complete Service

  • A specially designed container for transportation and cremation (no plastic bags).
  • Same day transportation from your home or clinic (no freezer storage).
  • Transportation provided by our professional staff using only clean mini vans (no pick-up trucks).
  • Return of cremated remains by our staff to your home or clinic (never by mail or common carrier).
  • Identification System

  • Our tracking system for pets is exactly the same as we use for our human family members
  • Family name and pet name are identified on the outside of the container
  • Numbered stainless steel ID tags are assigned and recorded in our system
  • ID tag and paperwork track pet through the entire cremation process
  • Signatures and dates are required for the return of the cremains
  • The Cremation Process

  • Cremation equipment designed and manufactured specifically to perform cremation
  • A clean and total cremation, performed privately
  • Cremated remains will be returned within 24 hours (never a one or two week process)
  • Recent Memorials & Testimonials

    Cincinnati/Dayton, OH
    To my sweet boy Jameson. You were only 5 years old, why did Cancer have to take you from us?! We are still mourning the loss of you and Layla continues to ask where you are and why you're not coming back to her. You were our best buddy. Cancer took you far too soon and for that I am so very sorry I couldn't do anything else to save your life and so very sorry we didn't find out sooner and started…read more.
    Charlotte, NC
    To my Beloved Muttly, my wonderful baby girl and my best friend. I will love you always. I wish you could have lived forever. …read more.
    Royal Oak, MI
    Dear Baby Blue, You left me so suddenly and my life will never be the same. I will miss you forever. Meet me at the gate.…read more.
    Mattie 1
    Charlotte, NC
    Mattie Stybe
    To my Sweet little Mattie girl. You came into my life to celebrate a new chapter. You stuck with me through thick and thin, giving your own special form of unconditional love. Hopefully I was able to give back a tiny portion of it during the 15 years, 9 months we had together. I will miss you, snarls and all. I will see you again, my little Mattie Boops. I love you.…read more.
    Charlotte, NC
    When our little man passed suddenly away from home, Faithful Companions was a true GODsend!! Our truck was in the shop and we had no means of transportation; we were in total tourmoil and grief!!! They were professional, sympathic and prompt in gathering him and return within hours. Price, though unconcerned with, was very reasonable. The basic box was very nice with his name, ID number and date…read more.
    Northwest Indiana
    Mommy want's to say thank you for staying with me for the last 2yrs. and helping me heal. They said you would not make it 6mos. they did not know the love we had for each other. 16yrs 4mos. on this earth. Now you can run, jump and see again. Say hi to your brother Taz. I will see you both soon. My love forever.…read more.
    Clifton, NJ
    When my sweet lady bunny, Flufflee, passed away, I was heart broken and could not bear the thought of her sitting in a freezer or shelf, alone for a week or more. Your staff made a fast appointment for me to bring her to you and you gave her back to me in about an hour. I promised Flufflee when I rescued her that I would never leave her or abandon her. You helped me keep that promise. Thank you. …read more.
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